10 Technology trends for 2016


Here is a quick tour of some prominent technology trends for small businesses to be used in 2016 that will affect the entrepreneurs in the coming year. An overview of Fincyte list “10 technology trends for 2016” are as follow:

  • Abandoning as well as reducing the on-premises technologies
  • Starting of newer projects in the cloud
  • Increased recovery as well as backup of clouds
  • Archiving of sensible database
  • Mobile technology
  • Automated and integrated marketing
  • Skipping the social bells as well as the whistles
  • Making the playing field to be leveled
  • Increasing the awareness related to security
  • There can be a lot more

The details about the trends have been mentioned below separately so that they can be comprehended in a better way.

Technology Trends for 2016

1). Abandoning as well as reducing the on-premises technologies

The way of operation of small businesses has been changed since the last fifteen years remarkably. The offices are such that they often times host an array that is considered to be dizzying for the desktop computers, printing devices, monitor screens, switches of networks, servers and a lot of other paraphernalia of the technology. However, the cost for buying as well as maintaining all of the hardware is supposed to be dented severely to the bottom line.

It might be the case that it is not worth to be hanged on all of it. Since, the equipment of information technology ages and the upgrades that are considered to be pricey or the renewal of contracts services, weighing the proposition of the value to move some of the infrastructure of the information technology to the cloud. The cost to run some of the functions is to be compared in the cloud to both the time as well as the budget that is needed by them to be retained in-house. You might be in a situation for well relieving some of the expense and the burden.

For the startup business, the sentence will surely make sense that getting rid of as much of the on premises of the technologies as possible and then relying on the cloud itself; it is said by an analyst of a well known company.

2). Initiating newer projects in the cloud

This is another one of the technology trends for 2016. If the situation is like you are happy currently with the technology of in-house; for instance it works as well as provides the value and makes considerations about it by using cloud for the upcoming and newer projects; may be for the mobility for analyzing the database of the customer or the functions of information technology. The cloud will be such that it will continue for growing as the platform that is considered to be default for launching any of the newer projects no matter there is a new model of mobile or any of the latest social app or to build again a system of legacy internally.

3). The recovery as well as backup of cloud to be increased

The areas of resources and expenses internally are obvious to be called as the recovery and backup. There are analysts at some of the famous organizations who expect an up stick that is very sharp in small scale of businesses that are supposed to look up for the data on the cloud to be backed up, to be recovered, to be archived, etc. Those companies that want their revenues to be invested in such services of off-premises should be such that they must keep such types of issues under consideration. The issues include the service’s cost and the extent of the provider of cloud that how rapidly does it deliver your data that is to be recovered when required. It should also be like the small scale business should not be dependent solely on the cloud for safeguarding them in a disaster’s event. These are the reasons that the cloud’s recovery and backup is one of the worth mentioning technology trends in 2016.

4). The archiving of data sensibly

There are certain types of businesses that are supposed to have a requirement legally for keeping each and every piece of data that is either received or generated by them. Also, since the storage’s price is supposed to continue to plummet, it becomes something like a norm for storing each and everything and for keeping it for the posterity. If the data is such that it provides values of one’s business then it must be protected, stored and treated like an asset of the business. Out of the other trends, the archiving of data is also very important technology trends for 2016 that will definitely required to be implemented in the small scale businesses.

5). Mobile technology

Since the technology has advanced to a great extent, and no doubt it is getting more and more advanced and will be advanced to an amazing extent in the coming years so Mobile technology is such a technology trends for Small businesses that is considered to be very important. When the workers who are comparatively younger, enter the forces of work the situation seems to become like a bit different and they demand ability for running the application of smaller businesses through some sort of smart phones or other latest technologies. Similarly the owners as well as the staff who is supposed to be owning the latest technologies want to make use of them during the working hours. Simply, there is no such point to fight the wave off mobile; resistance is supposed to be futile.

6). Automated as well as integrated marketing

In this section, there are to be combined two of the separate technology trends for 2016. The main reason for most of the latest small scale businesses to get failed in the beginning two years is supposed to be attributed to a lack of the savvy of marketing on general basis. Those companies that get a chance for making it past that the period at the beginning of the small businesses must be continues to a stage of marketing that is considered to be the best to be practiced for remaining operational. However, the competitors who are considered to be quite big while making use of all the types of marketing technologies that are considered to be sophisticated for attracting the customers, it is the right time for the owners a number of small scale businesses for making their game up.

Another technology trends for small businesses is the integrated marketing. There has been made a research by a famous company related to software that assists the buyers in finding the suitable software; the company found that the businesses on small scale in the United States are such that they are realizing the actual importance to connect the customers throughout the complete cycle of buying. As a result of this, they are looking for the sales that are considered to be integrated and the functions of marketing that are mostly provided inside a relationship of customer’s marketing in case of small businesses.

7). Skipping the social bells as well as the whistles

This is one of the technology trends for small businesses that cannot be neglected. There is no doubt that the social technology has been considered to be a great benefit for some of the startup businesses; probably something like a blog that can be helpful for attracting a new client or may be a page of Facebook with a great number of followers. However a lot of small scale businesses are supposed to foray inside the social scene and the bear lesser fruit. The situation is like it does not make some sense for them for integrating the applications of their CRM with the channels of social media.

8). The leveling of playing field

Out of the other trends of technology for small scale, the leveling of the playing field is also going to be of a great importance. The software of cloud is supposed to become something like an equalizer since the vendors settle down on the pricing that is based on the users of the startup businesses; whereas the products of tradition software were supposed to be termed as the small scale enterprise. Such software for which there have been chances to be accessible only to the larger enterprises in the form of on-premises because of the models of pricing is supposed to be available presently to the companies of each and every size.

9). The increased awareness related to security

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The last but not the least trend to be mentioned here for the technology trend for small scale in the coming years is the increase in the awareness related to security. Since the cloud computing is such a technology that is supposed to pave the way to a greater extent of functionality in small businesses and lower cost. It can also have the possibility for opening the doors to the attack from outside. The businesses of all the sizes must be such that they should pay greater attention to security that everything else. However, you are not required for just taking a technology a eccentric approach.

The training for the awareness of security is especially very important in the world that is based on cloud computing and stuff like that. It assists for making the staff to be aware of the avenues of attack like the various types of scamming that are supposed to entice the employees for clicking on a link or may be for opening a document that is supposed to give a bad person an access to all the data of your company.

10). There can be a lot more

Technology is the future of business. Everyday, numbers of new tech items are launched in order to provide convenience to business professionals. 2016 will come with number of other technological trends that will change the traditions of business.