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performance improvement plan

How to Draw Up a Performance Improvement Plan

In a perfect world, every single employee at your company would perform flawlessly at all times. They’d be constantly improving, would derive all the motivation and satisfaction they need from their...
employee evaluation

Be Ready For Your Employee Evaluation This Year

There is a multitude of things that can come when someone brings up the term “evaluation,” in some cases, it can be intimidating. Employee evaluations are basically an assessment or review of...
time management skills

5 Surprising Facts About Time Management Skills

Time is always slipping from our hands. Time is a commodity we wish we had plenty of. Further, the time has equivalent in dollars, and it will serve us best if...
boost employee productivity

5 Effective Strategies to Boost Employee Productivity

Your business won’t be successful without the help of a passionate team working toward a common goal. It is your responsibility to continuously check if they are still efficient and productive. Conducting...
4 Ways To Make Your Next Business Meeting As Efficient As Possible

4 Ways to Make Your Next Business Meeting As Efficient As Possible

Business meetings have a tendency to run over the time allotted and to run off track. That can cause employees to get bored and lose focus really quickly. Whether meeting with employees...
employee monitoring software

8 Ways Employee Monitoring Software Can Benefit Your Company

There are a multitude of benefits to monitoring your employees and their behavior while on the clock. You can track habits and put together incredibly valuable metrics that can help you...

3 Tools for Effective Strategic Management in the VUCA World

“The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both...
Positive Working Environment

4 Areas Where You Can Create a Positive Working Atmosphere

It doesn’t take very much to let morale in a working atmosphere slip. A one-off conflict, high stress over peak periods or a change in structure can set the mood plummeting...
10 Ideas for Raising Productivity Level Among Employees

10 Ideas for Raising Productivity Level Among Employees

Ever since the dawn of mankind, it has been noted by some of the most esteemed military leaders that better motivated, equipped and organized troops fight better, march harder and win...
6 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs HR Team 1

6 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs HR Team

Having HR in your startup will make sure that you launch your business with the right foot forward. “Done is better than perfect.” “Stay lean and move fast.” Startups are often stereotyped with...


7 Travel Packing Tips & Essentials For Modern Businessman

If you’re a modern businessman functioning in today’s ever-connected global society, there’s a good chance you’ll have to travel for business at some point...