Why Warehouse Operators Love Numbered Stickers


Warehouses are often vast buildings that contain thousands upon thousands of items. Think about warehouses like those used by large, multinational companies like Amazon. These facilities are like small cities, with hundreds of employees moving busily through them and getting items ready for shipment.

Number stickers are part of what many warehouse operators use to categorize the items they have available for shipment. We will talk a little more about them in the following article.

What Are Numbered Stickers?

Why Warehouse Operators Love Numbered Stickers

Numbered stickers are simply stickers that have numbers displayed on them. Some of them have single digits, while others are much more complex.

There are companies out there that make many different kinds of stickers for industrial, shipping, and product identification purposes. They might have different colors, styles, and sizes available, depending on the products on which someone buying them might like to place the stickers.

There are even some companies that will make customized numbered stickers for business entities that ask for them.

How Are These Stickers Used?

If you ever have the occasion to spend time in a warehouse, you will likely see that the items stored there have stickers. It is pretty rare to see anything in a warehouse or similar storage facility that does not have a sticker on it.

These stickers are often used in warehouses for orders that have multiple components to them. For instance, let’s say that someone purchases a piece of furniture that comes disassembled. In the warehouse, that piece of furniture makes its way into a box with all of the necessary components.

The presence of the stickers identifying each component of the furniture item makes it far less likely that any of those components will not be included with the order as they should be. The identification stickers are a simple but effective way of keeping track of items that are getting ready to be shipped.

Why Warehouse Operators Love Them So Much

Warehouse managers and operators always like anything they can use to make their jobs easier. Stickers certainly belong in that category.

Any warehouse manager will probably wax poetic about stickers if you give them a chance. They love this simple method of keeping track of things.

Goods that can be stored in a warehouse with stickers on them are much less likely to be misplaced. If a warehouse worker, even someone who is new on the job, isn’t sure about what something is or where it’s supposed to go, they can use the sticker for reference. If the sticker has a decent amount of information on it, this should make the process of identifying, storing, or shipping it even easier.

We’re living in a time of automation when there are major changes happening in warehouses. Some warehouse jobs are being rendered obsolete.

Certain helpful items like stickers, though, continue to be seen as crucial in storage and shipping spaces like warehouses. It seems likely that they will remain useful for warehouse operators or managers for the foreseeable future.

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Author: Sophia Williams