10 Amazing Facts about Amazon You Need to Know


Amazon is well-known for a plethora of incredible and interesting things, and it has an awesome history that can be difficult to fathom at times.

Just think about the things most people already know and love about Amazon. It has become the biggest marketplace on the Internet and practically the world. After realizing just how monolithic the company is, it is hard to imagine that one of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful and nicest guy, especially among the elite, started the company in his garage.

I know it is hard to imagine Jeff Bezos in a garage, but even the most physically imposing people were once small enough to fit in a crib. Amazon and Jeff Bezos went from a garage-sized operation to needing warehouses with more room than over 700 Madison Square Gardens put together.

Most everyone knows just how mammoth Amazon is on the Internet and off, and the interesting tidbit about it starting in a garage is just a teaser to the facts you will read later on. It is also an important piece of Company’s history. The company’s amazing history is a large portion of the superhighway that is leading you readers to cool facts.

In the 1990s, there was a mad dash being made in the eCommerce field by thousands of different companies and people, and they were all trying to grab a small piece of the web to build an empire on.

Amazon was in the thick of the cyberspace race. It managed to get ahead of its competition early and stay ahead. It was known as the best bookstore on the web. By the way, it still is.

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There are a hundred different reasons they got attention and success, and in those early days facing thousands of competitors, there was maybe a little bit of luck, but the secret to Amazon’s current success is the same secret it has always had. It is also Amazon’s very first fact.

10 Facts You Should Know about Amazon

Amazon has an obsession with customer satisfaction. That fact served as the company’s foundation and driving force. It has the most interesting merchants and the best prices for everyday products all the way to things you wouldn’t believe.

Look for anything and compare the vendor product to a store price in America, the United Kingdom, Australia and even the price in India.

10 Amazing Facts about Amazon