7 Important Domain Name Tips for Beginners


To start an online business, you need to buy a domain name. The right domain name is very important for online business, search engines and target audience. It is highly recommended to you that do not pay attention to current trends while choosing a domain name. You should choose a domain name that makes sense for your small business now and still it will make sense in future. If you don’t know how to choose a good domain name then here are the seven domain name tips to give your business website a right name.

7 Domain Name Tips to Choose a Good Website Name

7 Important Domain Name Tips for Beginners

1. Start your Homework

To buy a right name for your business website, little bit research is required. You need to visit your competitors’ websites. Check out their domains names and see how their names resemble with their business natures.

2. Buy Domain Name that Easy to Remember

If you want a domain name that easy to type and remember than avoid domain names that include hyphens, numbers, multiple characters and odd spelling of words. Buy simple and easy domain name. For example: Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc or Fast Company. Don’t purchase a domain name that includes slang terms. Pick such a name that will make sense in next 10 years.

3. Pick a Shorter Domain Name than Longer

Longer domain names are hard to remember. If you are going to buy a domain name then choose one or two words domain name. Do not go for lengthy domain names such as “I will teach to earn money” or “California Catering Services”. If you want to merge two or more than two words into single word then here are the cool website names examples for you.

  • BBC (British Broadcast Company)
  • Wantrepreneur (Want to be an Entrepreneur)
  • Wpbeginner (WordPress Beginner)
  • Wpdemand (WordPress Demand)
  • Fincyte (Future Insights)

4. Do Not Buy Trademark Domains or Resembles with Existing Sites

You should buy a unique domain name which is not common on the internet. Do not pick a name that matches with existing website names. Avoid choosing a domain name that has trademark.

5. Check your Name availability on Social Media Sites

If you are going to buy a domain name then hold on. Firstly, check your name availability on social media sites such FB, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+. People will trust more, if your domain name matches with social media account names.

6. Give preference to .com domain Extension

Majority of websites use .com domain extension on the internet and that’s why .com extension is valued more than other extensions such as .net, .org, .info etc. So, you should go for .com

7. Where to Check Domain Name Availability?

It is the last and final step of choosing a domain name. There are many websites available on the internet that offers domain names in very cheap rates. You can also check your domain name availability on these websites. Some famous websites are GoDaddy, Hostgator or Name cheap. Visit these websites and type your proposed domain name to check availability. If your proposed name is available on these sites then buy a domain name for your online business.

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Final words for Domain Name Tips

Choosing a domain name will surely consume your time but it will give you a benefit in longer run. So, spend your some time for domain lookup and choose the best one. Finally, when you purchased your domain name then find a good web hosting company to buy a web hosting package e.g. Bluehost. Build a website with domain name and start your online business. If you find the domain name tips useful then share it with your online audience 🙂