Top 8 Small Business Technology Trends in 2017 [Infographic]


As we continue to traverse across the 21st century, it is clear now that technology has become an integral part of our daily life, thus earning us the moniker of “digital generation”. Having said that, not only these technological advancements revolutionized the way the people interact with each other, but the way businesses conduct their daily operations as well.

Today, small and medium scale ventures have the capacity to compete with much larger brands in the market more equally, thanks to business tools like CRM and ERP software solutions. Using these tools enable the SMBs to improve their efficiency, quality of work, and accuracy- resulting in better bottom line, improved processes, and better customer satisfaction.

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And as the year 2017 slowly unfolds, new trends and developments technologies are here once again which will further shape the business landscape into a digital one. For small businesses, knowing these trends can help them adapt and keep up with the latest tools that can be used in the dynamic business environment that we have today.

8 Small Business Technology Trends for 2017

In summary, here are the technology trends and shifts that small business should look out for this 2017:

  1. Mobile will become a must
  2. Cloud continues to revolutionize the SMBs
  3. IoT will become a reality for early adopters
  4. Increased usage of smart apps
  5. Personalized SRM will become a priority
  6. More attention on data loss and cybercrime prevention
  7. Adoption of safer VMP and Wi-Fi security
  8. More advanced collaboration tools

Adapting and utilizing these technology trends can help ramp up your game and become more competitive in your niche this year. Using them as early as now can even help you assess if the technology you are using is still on par with the industry standards. To learn more about the different tools and developments in technology, check out this visual guide from The Service Manager.

Top Small Business Technology Trends in 2017

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