4 Types of Employees You Should Know At Workplace


The businessmen or the entrepreneurs who consider hiring some of the new workers for running the business have different classifications from which their employees are to be chosen. Currently, the staffing requirements of the company and the expected future needs of the business determine that which types of employees are actually needed in the company. In some of the cases, the option of outsource staffing might be a better option that hiring directly. Some of the types of employees in a company have been mentioned below that are found at the work place.

4 Types of employees work in companies

Organizations often hire different types of employees in order to fill different jobs vacancies. These workers are hired under different types of employment contracts. Here are the brief details about the employee types at workplace.

1). Part-time employees

Most of the times, the part-time employees are supposed to work less than about forty hours a week; sometimes may be less than thirty five hours. Usually, they are given the salaries on hourly basis. Typically, they enjoy less job benefits and facilities as compared to the employees working full-time in a company. However, the fair way is to treat both the part-time as well as full-time employees in the same way after setting some standards for both.

2). Full-time employees

The full-time employees are defined as the workers who usually work forty hours or may be more per week. They get greater employees benefits as well as facilities, as compared to the part-time employees. Mostly their salaries are given on monthly basis; however, they can also be given on hourly basis. They also enjoy different packages from the companies and they can also get an off. They can also earn an over-time if they work for some extra time.

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3). Job share employees

Another type of employees is the job share employees. Such types of employees are supposed to work on a specific flextime schedule; mostly, it is half of the time that is equal to a full-time employee’s schedule. Job sharing is offered by the companies as a tool for the retention of the employees by which the employees are allowed for keeping their jobs as well as managing their responsibilities. Oftentimes, the results are very positive and the employees show better performance, enhanced satisfaction, greater attendance, kisser turnover and a lot more. Such types of employees are recommended in the entrepreneurs’ magazines for setting measurable and clear goals for the company.

4). Temporary employees

These are the types of employees in a company who are hired just for filling in the space for the employees who are absent due to some reasons. However, such types of employees mostly work for different placement agencies instead of the working for the companies of businessmen directly. So most of the times, they are paid by the placement agencies. It is also said that there is paid an amount to the temporary agencies by the companies; the amount is greater than the earnings of a temporary employee.

There can be other classifications as well, like the shift workers, outworkers, employees along-with co-employers, leased employees, etc. These employee types can also be categorized on the basis of the qualities of the employees working in an organization. For example, the most motivated employees who are always ready to do any sort of work; the most reliable and trust-worthy employees who never disappoint their bosses; the problem solver employees who always resolve the problems in a better way; the leading employees who act as the leaders of their colleagues; the most perfect employees who seem to be a complete package. All such employees are highly appreciated and they mostly get promotions for working diligently and providing excellent services while being greatly productive for the company.