5 Best PayPal Alternatives for Startup Transactions


Due to the emergence of E-Commerce, transactions through PayPal alternatives are also on the horizons. It is true that PayPal is the foremost choice of online transaction for many users but in some countries this services is not available. In order to do transactions, internet users are always in search of best PayPal alternatives through which they can do online shopping as well as small business transactions. Before we move to PayPal alternatives we should know about PayPal and what are its services.

PayPal is a service that allows you to send and receive payments without disclosing your financial details. With PayPal, your financial info and purchases are better protected plus you can save time by shopping online through online payments.

PayPal Alternatives
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PayPal is mostly considered as the explicit way to pay online, but it’s not definitely the best. There are plenty of other services that offer added benefits with less difficulty.

Main Problems with PayPal

Though PayPal does have millions of seemingly contented customers, but at the same time many people are facing problems by using this service. Some of the main problems are discussed below:

  • It acts like a bank, but actually its not a bank.
  • It offers none of the protection that real banks offer.
  • Sudden and enigmatic freezing of PayPal users accounts
  • Some users claim that PayPal has grabbed their funds and never returned them back.
  • Rude customer service representatives
  • Long and perplexing User Agreement
  • loose hiring practices that may cause account fraud

So what do we need in a PayPal replacement?

PayPal provides small online businesses with a combination of a payment gateway and merchant bank account.

A payment gateway reads customer’s credit card info, electronically communicates with that account, and charges it the suitable amount of money, whereas, a merchant bank account is a special type of bank account that is allowed to collect funds from a payment gateway. Then, depending on the time your merchant bank allows, you can transfer your money into your regular account.

So, if we want to replace PayPal, here is the list of 5 best PayPal alternatives for startup transactions.

5 Best PayPal Alternatives for Startup Transactions

1). Stripe

Stripe is an effective PayPal alternative if the case is like easier taking of payment is supposed to be concerned. The Stripe allows a lot of methods of payments that include cards like Visa Card, American Express and a lot of others. Moreover, Stripe can be helpful in processing transactions in almost 100 currencies.

Countries where Stripe works

Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, America, Ireland, Belgium,  France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Italy, etc.

Transaction time: 2 days


  • The set up is very simple, by making use of plug ins
  • Coherent mobile payments
  • Payments can be dispatched from any of the country
  • Payment forms are self-hosted


  • Supports just nineteen countries
  • It was basically built for the web developers

2). Google Wallet

In PayPal alternatives, Google Wallet is another new way to send, receive and to pay money on the internet, sometimes with only a simple click or tap! Google Wallet can be used for storing different kind of credit and debit cards in a digital wallet; they make use of it for sending/receiving money from friends, family or whatever as well as a way for paying money through the internet by simply making use of  the email addresses, etc. The money can be funded from Google Wallet balance, account of banks, debit as well as credit cards.

Countries where it works

Google Wallet and its features like money transfer and shopping in stores are available only in United States. But you can use Google Wallet over 125 countries to buy products from Google Play Store.


Google Wallet is free! However, you just have to pay standard transfer charges while using credit or debit card to transfer money into your Google Wallet account.


  • Single card rather than debit cards and credit cards in variance
  • It’s basically from Google, so that’s a great benefit
  • 24×7 Monitoring of fraud and protection of purchase
  • Integration with the account of Google


  • Lesser acceptance in comparison to PayPal
  • Availability is limited to US only

3). Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is also considered as the bast option in PayPal alternatives that is great and is a very good option for credit as well as the processing of debit card and an e-commerce platform. The section of purchases of the service on the internet is made for simplifying the task of purchasing, by making use of the methods of payments that have been added by you in your account of Amazon. Therefore, you don’t need to re-enter details of payment and the addresses of shipping. Also, Web Pay from Amazon Payments allows its users receive the money as well as send it online.

Countries where it works

Amazon Web Pay is currently available in United States only.


It is entirely free from the point of view of its users! They just have to make payments for the fee of transactions in the situation of withdrawing amount through credit/debit card. However, in case of merchants’ point of view, the commission is supposed to be a bit higher. Though, Amazon offers large discounts and non-profitable discounts.


  • It is from a web giant – Amazon.
  • Comparatively wide acceptance
  • Integration with com
  • Easy and user-friendly for online shopping


  • Non-availability for non-US residents
  • Long duration for money withdrawal from Amazon Web Pay to one’s bank

4. WePay

Implementing WePay allows you to set up a way for customers to pay without leaving your site. It creates a virtual terminal in order to process payment. As it is an API-based technology, you need to have technical knowledge in order to implement WePay. Although it is simple and some of its features are very attractive.


  • credit card payments: 2.9%+$0.30
  • bank payments: 1%+$0.30


  • you can sell products through simple “buy” buttons on your site
  • Its payment forms are self-hosted
  • It can let you enter credit cards manually, so you can take credit card info in person or over the phone whenever the situation calls for it
  • Also optimized for mobile devices
  • It deposits your earnings directly to your bank account, and you don’t have to login and manually initiate it all the time as with PayPal


  • WePay is very self-contained
  • Integrations don’t appear to be available just yet

5. 2Checkout

2Checkout is such an alternative of PayPal that is considered to be partial, since it is not supposed to allow the transference of money within the users. Rather merchants will make use of 2Checkout as a very efficient and appreciable way for processing transactions at the time when they sell the products and items. There are eight methods supported by it that includes Visa, PayPal, cards for PIN debit and others.   Moreover, there are also chances available for you to integrate it with a great range of different shopping carts.

Countries where it works

It is available in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies and 15 languages.


  • Funds get released automatically through EFT
  • Applications of smart phones for keeping track of numbers


  • Does not allow payment transfer between the users

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