Starting a small business seems to be very difficult for many individuals. They always feel stuck in the questions like how to start a small business or what will happen if we’ll get failed in launching a business. These are the questions that become headache for them and they feel overwhelmed.

If you think that you also fall in the same category but you’re still committed to start your own small business then you should break your goals into smaller tasks. In this way, you will be in a better position to manage enough of the actions that seems to be necessary to get started. Here are the seven steps that will surely help you to start your own business.

7 Steps for Starting a Small Business

1. Choose your Best Small Business Idea

A successful small business always starts with a great idea. So, firstly you need to explore awesome business ideas to starting a small business and then choose the right one that you feel you can work on it. To successfully start a small business, you’ll have to transform your idea into action.

2. Write your Startup Business Plan

Successful entrepreneurs always keep the things simple and easy. They always avoid extra expenses and costs. So, the key to successfully starting a small business is to make the things simple, easy and costs low. You can also do this by following the above mentioned thumb rule. All you need to create a simple one page business plan in which you’ll have to cover the following topics.

  • Define and write your vision
  • Define and write your mission statement
  • Define your objectives
  • Mention your business strategies
  • Write your action plan

Don’t go for lengthy business plan because it will waste your time as well your money. So, avoid it.

3. Choose your Business Location

When you are done with your business planning then you will have to choose your business location. If you are starting a home based business then no need to go outside, you can easily operate your business from home. But if you are going to launch a full fledge business then you should visit the market and select the right business location from where you can better run your small business.

4. Get a Website Domain Name and Web Hosting

Regardless of the business nature, you will need a domain name and business website to increase online presence. In order to buy a domain name, you can visit Go Daddy and HostGator. These websites are very popular on the internet and allow you to select the website domain address of your own choice. You can purchase your domain name address in just $9.99.  To save extra cost, you can also build a website yourself with Weebly for a low fee.  If your business is online and you also want to connect your domain with online shopping cart then you should go for Shopify. Both websites will not cost you more than $100 a month.

5. Register your Business

To get started legally, you obviously need to register your small business. For this purpose, you need to visit the governmental business registration offices and provide your business details to concerned authorities. To successfully register your business, you must provide the following basic details,

  • Business Owner personal details
  • Small Business or Company Name
  • Official Business Website Address and Logo
  • Business Location
  • Business Contact Details

Keep in mind, different countries have different business registration rules. So, you should visit the business registration office first to get the proper detail.

6. Finance your Business

Business financing is considered to be the most important part of every startup business. Now, if you have an enough budget to finance your small business then it’s good. But if not then you should explore different ways to finance your small business. You can also go for crowdfunding websites to raise funds for your small business.

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7. Launch your small business and Track progress

After successfully financing your startup business, you can start your small business. Initially, you may receive less response in terms of sales and revenue but you should keep your motivation level high. You need to create your effective startup marketing plan in order to spread the word. At the same time, try your best to build customers list and make them repeat client. Track your business progress on regular basis and if any sort of modification is required then do it.

Bottom Line

Starting a small business with creative idea will surely lead you to the success. So, be careful when you’ll choose the business idea. Secondly, try your best to overcome the extra and unproductive expenses and avoid them as much as you can. You can put that money in other operations to expand your business. Lastly, if you feel that you need help and mentorship in starting a business then don’t worry. You can join startup incubators in order to successfully launch your startup business. Best of Luck!

About the author

Adil Zaman is a business and finance major. He loves to write on small business and tech trends. He cares about human rights, international relations, and loves tourism.




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    If I’m Start Auto Spare Parts please suggest a locaion

  • Mohammad Hassan October 9, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    If I’m Start Auto Spare Parts please suggest a location

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    Tremendous sharing!

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    I want a small buisness in jakarta(Indonesia)

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    Hi, I have 400 k investment and want to start a business in Lahore, kasur or near abouts.
    I have following idea in my mind,
    A shop with following

    1. Mobile phone accessories
    2. Computer Accessories
    3. Mobile Load – Mobile Cards
    4. Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, UBL Omni etc.
    5. Toys
    6. Stationary
    7. And with printer Printing services, CV writing etc

    Can you please help me if this is a good business idea to start with.

    Thanks & Regards

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