16 Deadly Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Maybe you have a job interview scheduled and you are a first timer who doesn’t want to ruin their interview or you’ve been in this game for quite some time now and would like to know what’s stopping you from getting that job. Don’t worry, we have got your back!

Whatever it might be, these below mentioned common job interview mistakes and ways to avoid them will definitely ace your next interview.

16 Job Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

16 Deadly Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


1. Being late to the interview

This mistake should be avoided at any cost. Many people turn up late to the interview which can set a very wrong impression of them on the interviewer right off the bat. The interviewer might have a particular time slot allotted just for your interview and being late to it might mess up their schedule.

How to avoid:

You need anticipate how long it’s going to take you to reach the interview. You also need to have a plan in case there is traffic or some other issues that can make you run late and you need to be on time. Remember, it’s okay to be early rather than being late for an interview!

2. Not treating everyone in the office respectfully

Many interviewers often forget that it’s not just the interviewer that you need to impress; you need to create an impression on everybody that you interact with in the office. In fact, even your behaviour in the waiting area is quite important.

How to avoid:

While you are anxiously waiting in the lobby to be called in for the interview, make sure you utilize that time to prepare for the interview. Also while you are there, be polite to everyone around you.

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3. Greeting the interviewer with a weak handshake

The handshake with the interviewer is one of the first things that they are going to notice. So the handshake will primarily set the tone of the interview. A weak handshake is something you should definitely avoid. You should shake the hand of the interviewer like you mean business.

How to avoid:

When you enter the room, greet the interviewer with a firm handshake. It gives the interviewer an impression that you are a confident person. However, make sure you do not squeeze their hand either. Fracturing the interviewers hand wouldn’t leave a great first impression.

4. Being either too overdressed or under dressed for the interview

Sometimes, under all that interview pressure it’s quite possible to either over do or under do it all. You do not want to have a shabby appearance or dress inappropriately.

Like they say, Dress to impress!

How to avoid:

Keeping the job that you are applying for in mind, dress formally. If the job suggests a very formal attire, wear a well fitted formal shirt and a trouser along with a blazer for men, and if you are a woman, you can wear a formal shirt or a blouse, a blazer and pair it with either a trouser or a skirt. And by all means, avoid wearing flashy coloured outfits and too many accessories.

5. Poor body language

Inappropriate body language might be that one thing that could ruin your interview. Believe it or not, the interviewer will probably judge you by your body language.

How to avoid:

Do not slouch and sit up straightthroughout the interview. Do not avoid eye contact with the interviewer. It shows low self-confidence. So, make sure you exude immense confidence to impress the interview.

6. Being unprepared for the interview

The biggest mistake anyone can make before going in for the interview, is not researching about the company they are interviewing for. Lack of preparation can lead you to your downfall. So, avoid this mistake at all costs.

How to avoid:

Do a thorough background check on the company. Also study about the position you are interviewing for not matter how restraint on time you might be.

7. Boring the interviewer with unnecessary information

A lot of people talk way too much during the interviews. The idea is to only give out information that would make you sound perfect for the position that you are interviewing for. Don’t tell long stories to the interviewer, you do not want him to doze off during the interview.

But, you do not want to be silent or not talk enough during the interview either. You need to find balance.

How to avoid:

When the interviewer asks you questions, make sure your answers are straight to the point. Don’t narrate your resume to him. Tell him something that isn’t mentioned in the resume, but is still relevant to the job.

8. Misleading the company through your C.V

It is another job interview mistake. A lot of people add false information to their CV just for the sake of impressing the interviewer. Avoid doing that, the interviewer will be left with a horrible impression of you if he catches your lie.

How to avoid:

Make sure everything you add to the CV is authentic. Also before you go in for the interview, make sure you go through your resume once.

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9. Forgetting to turn your cell phone off

The worst thing that could happen during the interview is that your cell phone rings. This interruption could disrupt the flow of the interview and leave the interviewer irritated.

How to avoid:

All you need to do is switch off or put your phone on silent.

10. Being too casual while communicating with the interviewer

Doesn’t matter if you are poor at communicating or too good at communicating, don’t forget that you are in an interview and cross the professional limits. Avoid doing that.

How to avoid:

You need to maintain a professional distance with the interviewer. Don’t be casual and talk to them as if they are your best friend.

11. Forgetting to ask questions

In the excitement of the interview, many people forget to ask questions to the interviewers.

How to avoid:

Ask questions relevant to the job. You can ask about the company values or about the position details.

12. Taking a dig at the previous employers

Avoid criticising your previous employer.

How to avoid:

If you are asked about your previous work of employment, appreciate the previous employer for the opportunity they gave you instead of bad mouthing them.

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13. Responding to the interviewer with googled answers

It’s great to be prepared for the interview and even read through interview tips on the internet. But when asked basic questions about your life, avoid parroting googled answers.

How to avoid:

All you need to do is adapt the kind of answers that the interviewer is expectingthrough research, without losing your true self!

14. Failing to make the interviewers know about the qualities and skills that make you stand out

Many people forget to explain what they could bring to the company and why they stand out amongst the other candidates. It’s possible to even come across as being not enthusiastic enough. So avoid making that kind of impression on the interviewer.

How to avoid:

You need to let the interviewer know about all the qualities and skills you possess that are relevant to the job. Tell them why you deserve the position more than others.

15. Coming off as being money minded

Many people make the mistake of bringing up the salary way too soon in the interview. This can rub off the interviewer the wrong way. If you sound very money oriented, the interviewer might get an impression that money is all that you care about. You don’t want them to think that the well-being of the company is the least of your concern.

How to avoid:

Don’t initiate the money talk. Let the interviewer ask you about your salary preference first!

16. Forgetting to follow up after the interview

Many people forget to thank or follow up with the company after an interview. This is extremely important.

How to avoid:

Once the interview is done, make sure you thank the company and the interviewer for their time. You can send an email or a letter thanking them for the opportunity. This leaves a great impression even after the interview.

Make sure the next time you go for an interview, you avoid all these above mentioned mistakes for good!

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Author Bio: Pritam Nagrale is a blogger and running a digital marketing company in Mumbai. His blog SureJob writes about make money ideas & tips on career development.