180+ Best Bakery Names For Your Business


So, since you are here searching for bakery names, you would have decided to launch your bakery business. That is surely a good idea. You would have been working on all perspectives, like the raw products, the bakers, the equipment, etc.

And now you are here to search for the right name for your bakery. But before you start searching for the best bakery name, you should be aware of the importance of a good bakery name.

Do not think of it as a trivial task, something that should be done within no time. In fact, it is the base of your marketing strategy. Take a reasonable amount of time out of your busy schedule to finalize the right name.

A perfect bakery name is required to create good first impressions. No matter how good your products are, people are not gonna buy them until you are able to have attractive first impressions on them.

Best Bakery Names

Best Bakery Names For Your Business

Now that you have understood the importance of a good name, here are some of the best bakery names for your business. We have compiled a total of 180+ bakery names. You can choose the one that you think will prove to be a big brand name.

Catchy Bakery Names

  1. Blue Dream
  2. Cherry Merry
  3. Upper Crust Bakery
  4. The Nutty Bunch
  5. PURE Cupcakes
  6. Tasty Bakery
  7. Hot Biscuit
  8. Breaking Bread
  9. Rico Bakery
  10. Front Season
  11. Evans Bake Shop
  12. Cake & Cream
  13. Bread Talk
  14. Take the Cake
  15. Charm City Cakes
  16. Gimme S’more
  17. Bake Off
  18. The Baking Room
  19. Honey Bunny
  20. The Cake Corner
  21. Zak the Baker
  22. Crispy’s Donuts
  23. Donut Bar
  24. Bread & Butter
  25. Knead to Know Bread
  26. The Chocolate Chip
  27. Cake and Art
  28. Cake My Day
  29. Mad Batter
  30. The Pie Chart
  31. The Rolling Scones
  32. The Dream Pies
  33. Hotty Buns
  34. Holy Dreams
  35. Give U Treat!
  36. The Donut Hole
  37. Lucky Bakery
  38. Grandma’s Best
  39. Irresistibly Warm
  40. Masterpiece Cake
  41. Bakers Delight
  42. Marla’s Sweet Treats

Unique Bakery Names

  1. Artsy Tartsy
  2. Blissful Bites
  3. Grateful Bread
  4. Pieous
  5. Tokens of my Confections
  6. Tiers of Joy
  7. Pastry Emporium
  8. Milk Jar Cookies
  9. Bakeology
  10. The Cooling Rack
  11. Bootstrap Bakery
  12. Crumble & Flake
  13. Au Bon Pain
  14. Cotton Cakery
  15. Humble Pie Desserts

Modern Bakery Names

  1. Baking Corner
  2. Cookie Area
  3. Modern Bakery
  4. The Village Bakery
  5. Just Cakes
  6. Cake and the City Bakery
  7. Lucky Rice Cake
  8. Hot Crossed Buns
  9. Boardwalk Bakery
  10. Crafted Baked Goods
  11. Doughy Delights
  12. Collin Street Bakery
  13. Muffin Top
  14. Bread Lounge
  15. Cake O’Clock
  16. Incredible Cheesecake Company
  17. Roma Bakery
  18. Dolly Madison Bakery
  19. The Cake Room
  20. Frost Goddess
  21. You Knead This Cake
  22. Super Buffet
  23. Finest Donuts
  24. Cookie Encounter
  25. The Cookie Jar
  26. Absolutely Muffin
  27. Manhattan Cupcakes
  28. The Breadline

Cute Bakery Names

  1. A Bun in the Oven
  2. Dream Sweets
  3. Sweet Little Things
  4. Treats of Sweets
  5. Sugar Daddy
  6. The Cake Fairy
  7. Bakery Bits
  8. Cakewalkers
  9. Cute Cakes
  10. Queen’s Bakery
  11. Dream Puffs
  12. Bunnie Cakes
  13. Cakes With honey
  14. Flour Shower
  15. Cutie Pies
  16. Angel Bakery
  17. Babycakes
  18. Happy Bakery
  19. The Cupcake Bakery
  20. Tea Time Cakes
  21. Skippity Scones
  22. Sweet Sensations

French Bakery Names

  1. La Crème de la Crème
  2. Vanille
  3. Le Grande Boulangerie
  4. Fait Maison
  5. Salon Glace
  6. Cannelle
  7. Cerise
  8. Gourmandise Pastry Shoppe
  9. Mon petit chou
  10. La Boulangere
  11. Éclair de Genie
  12. Eiffel of Cakes
  13. Délicieux
  14. Noisette
  15. Oh la la Bakery
  16. La Vie En Rose Bakery
  17. Le gâteau d’amour
  18. Bon Appetit Sweets
  19. Le Meilleur Cake Shop
  20. Framboise
  21. Belle gateau
  22. Liberte Patisserie
  23. Tout de Sweet
  24. Crumbs of Paris
  25. French Kisses Bakery
  26. Patisserie Possibilities

Good Bakery Names

  1. I bake it you take it
  2. Cookies Tonight
  3. Cake n Bake
  4. Cookie Crumble
  5. Cinnaholic
  6. Bread and Butter
  7. The Nutty Shop
  8. Faith Bakery
  9. Sweet Revenge Bakery
  10. Cookie Corner
  11. Cake and Spoon
  12. Snickerdoodles
  13. Cake Walk
  14. The Muffin Man
  15. Sunrise Pies
  16. The Rolling Pin

Funny Bakery Names

  1. Holy Cannoli
  2. Sugar & Spice
  3. Cake Monkey Bakery
  4. Heavenly Cakes Creations
  5. Sugar Booger
  6. In Your Face Cakes
  7. The Gingerbread House
  8. The Baker’s Table
  9. Sugarbloom Bakery
  10. Cakes, Cookies & Confections
  11. Stairway to Leaven
  12. Pinecrest Bakery
  13. Crummiest Cakes
  14. The Cooling Pan
  15. Flour Power Cakery
  16. Creamy Ideas
  17. Delectable Desires Pastries
  18. Twisted Cakes
  19. Sticky Buns
  20. Forgot the Flour

Creative Bakery Names

  1. Bake in Care
  2. Better Batter Bakery
  3. Cupcake Notion
  4. Rocking Rolls
  5. Flying Apron
  6. Cookie Monster
  7. The Skipper Sweets
  8. Drive-By Pies
  9. The Salty Donut
  10. Mix-Up You Need
  11. Pink Frosting Bakery
  12. Cakes Walk
  13. It’s a Piece of Cake
  14. Buns of Steel
  15. The Great EsCake
  16. Nutty Creations
  17. Village French Bakery
  18. Sweet Cheeks Baking Company
  19. Confection Connection
  20. Southern Girl Desserts

The above names are very aptly divided into categories for your convenience. Span your interested category and select your favorite names.

Link the name with your products, and your business pattern. But whether you are looking for cake bakery names, patty bakery names, or any other category, you will definitely find your ideal name from the above list.

What factors to consider when finding the best bakery name?

Though the above list will be super useful, you need to have a clear road map in your mind. You should know how you are going to select the perfect among these hundreds of best bakery names. But you do not need to worry, here is a small guide to help you through your quest.

  • Throughout the whole process keep the essence of your business in your mind. Whether it is cake bakery or any other category, keep it connected with your bakery name.
  • Span these bakery names from top to bottom. Look deep into the list to find the one that is perfect for your business. Try to select the one that is more exciting and catchy. The more attractive and catchy your bakery name will be, the better the first impression it’ll create.
  • If you can find keywords in your bakery name that would surely be a plus. But do not make it a hard and fast rule. An irrelevant and non-aesthetic name stuffed with keywords would be of no use.

Once you are done with your selection, get your bakery name printed on your business cards, bags, boxes, and especially the name board. Marketize your bakery along with the fantastic name you have just come up with.

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