5 Best eCommerce Sites to Start Online Retail Business


Undoubtedly, the eCommerce sites are considered to be an outstanding tool that can be quite helpful for building a store for retail business on the internet even if there is a person who does not have any technical chops at all.

There are great numbers of best eCommerce sites and sometimes, it become difficult for you to decide that which one should be chosen. All of them claim to build online retail business and they offer a lot of tools as well as features.

Your e-Commerce business is supposed to be different from any other. Regardless of what you are selling, that is whether you want to sell products, you offer different services or any sorts of downloads, there is always a need for a best eCommerce software.

You can find the links for the best eCommerce sites that can be helpful for you to get to your required platform that can guide you for starting your online retailing business. The software must fit the requirements of your online store.

2 Simple Steps to Build an Online Retail Store

Mainly there are two ways for building an e-Commerce store that have been mentioned below:

  1. Hosted eCommerce software
  2. Self-hosted open source best eCommerce sites

The hosted software is supposed to be more user-friendly, while the other one is more advanced. Both of these soft-wares have the ability for enabling you to build your own retailing store on the internet.

However, the suitability of which software to be used depends on different factors like the extent of customization that is required, the amount of products and their volume that are to be sold, etc.

8 Steps to build & launch online retail business

Here are some of the steps that can be helpful for you to establish your online shopping store regardless of the fact that whether you want to begin with an entirely new online business or you are already selling some of your products.

Best eCommerce Sites
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1. Making a business plan

It is a fact that a business plan is considered to be critical to develop the significant framework for establishing a business that becomes successful.

There must be included an approach in your online business plan, for the purpose of financing the business, marketing it and advertising your business. There must also be depicted a very clear idea for showing the way to become successful.

2. Making a choice for a business structure

Once you get done with making a good plan for your online retail stores, there will be a need for choosing a suitable structure to carry on the business.

If you are not really sure about a suitable business structure to initiate your work, the requirements and advantages of tax in each case should be considered.

3. Selecting the products that are to be sold

At this step, there is a need for including the products in variance along with their colors and other characteristics. Moreover, the way for the manufacturing of the products is also an important thing to consider. Generally, you probably require a supplier in case if you are not producing the products for your online shopping store of your own.

4. Buy Bar Codes

For selling your products in a legal way to the customers, getting bar codes is very important for each of your product that you want to sell in your retail shop.

You can easily buy a number of consecutive bar codes in the form of batches at a discounted rate from the internet. Another important step for setting up your e-Commerce store is to buy the inventory.

5. Purchase domain name

First of all there is a need for choosing the hosting site. You can also purchase your own domain name to set up a web site of your own. But for doing this, you have to understand the technical details of making web site and all that most of the business men do not know.

There are some of the options available that allow their clients to purchase their domain names and provide their clients with the fundamental tools as well as the instructions required for building the web site for your online store.

6. Build your website

After getting done with the technical stuff related to the website, you have to work on the design of the website by setting different themes and other required sections. The website should be attractive enough so that more customers visit your site and buy your products.

7. Setup your shopping cart

It is an important step to set up your shopping cart to carry on with your online e-Commerce business. Most of the times, it is advantageous to use a hosted software for the shopping cart.

If somebody chooses such software that is self-hosted, there is a possibility for some of his potential customers to feel secure while shopping from your website.

8. Advertise your Business

The next step is to launch, market, and advertise online store. After becoming successful in doing these things, your business must also be maintained properly while considering all of the requirements to make it successful.

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5 Best eCommerce sites for beginners

The names of some of the hosted best eCommerce sites that are recommended for your eCommerce store or online retail business have been mentioned below:

There can be a lot more.