5 Best Flipboard Alternatives to Increase Website Traffic


It is a known fact that there is another social network emerging in the market and looking forward to get tapped in the users’ market. Flipboard is not supposed to be something that can be simply ignored because its value can be clearly seen. There are numbers of advantages of Flipboard due to which it is always preferred. But majority of users often face common about how to gain Flipboard followers? So, that’s the reason they make searches on Google about Flipboard alternatives in order to increase website traffic.

Basically, Flipboard is a mobile app; it aggregates different kinds of stuff like blogs, news, articles and other such posts in variance in a very simple interface that is quite easy to use and is according to the interest of the users. Initially the app was created only for iPad but then it also gained popularity to be used in smart phones and tablets. The app can also be used for getting massive traffic for your web site or blog. In spite of all this, there are a lot of alternatives of Flipboard that can be used to increase website traffic.

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5 Best Flipboard Alternatives To Boost Web Traffic

Many people also want to know about the alternatives of flipboard that work in the similar way as the Flipboard does. In the beginning, the app was considered to be a simple perusing application that with the passing of time transformed into a customized application for perusing to a greater extent; therefore the content can be read from the courses of online networking of different events occurring and can subscribe to any kind of stuff like food, etc.

This can be taken after any type of theme that is made by the other people and the most important thing is that the users can make their own specific Flipboard magazine. The Flipboard’s power in business is supposed to be in the effortlessness to take after any of the individuals on the app or to take after the time when the magazine is made by the users. If you are not really a fan of flipboard and you are looking for the flipboard alternatives, you are at the right place.

Some of the alternatives of Flipboard to increase website traffic and to be used for other purposes like Flipboard have been mentioned below:

1). Feedly

The Google Reader got replaced by Feedly and is used by a great number of people. Still it is considered to be one of the better ways for consuming different sorts of information in less time. Undoubtedly, the RSS feeds of this app seem to be boring; however, it can be considered to be nice alternatives of flipboard as well. It has a neat and easy to use interface like Flipboard. Also, there is allowed a great customization by Feedly and the users can also choose different options to go through the news feed. It also offers a function for sharing the favorite users’ reading services and also for increasing the traffic of your blog or web site. Feedly Pro is comparatively an expensive app and is supposed to be for the readers having an average caliber; however it is a good option for the junkies of information.

2). Pocket

This is such an app that is used for saving different items shared on the inter-net so that they can be read even when you are off-line. It is especially liked by those people who want to save some interesting pieces of articles, videos, etc. to go through them later. However, it is not really used to increase website traffic as Flipboard does.

3). Pulse.me

It is another app for social magazine that is considered to be great. The integration with social networks as well as Google Reader offered in it is similar to Flipboard; however, the content is not pulled from these accounts in this case. Therefore, sharing different stuff is quite easy in this app like in Flipboard. It can also be used for increasing the traffic of your web site like Flipboard, so it is one of the best flipboard alternatives. Another interesting thing about Pulse is that your social magazine can be accessed from any of the browsers that you want to use.

4). Google Currents

It is a fact that Google currents is not that much famous like Flipboard and other Flipboard alternatives; however, it is also a nice and cool app to be used. The experience offered by Google Currents is similar to that provided by Flipboard and the pages are to be swiped instead of being scrolled down.

5). Zite

Zite is one of the best alternatives of flipboard and is an actual magazine app. There are analyzed millions numbers of stories each and every day and then the best of all are selected for the users according to their interests as well as the hobbies. It can also be used to increase website traffic like Flipboard. There is also an option for getting personalized sort of suggestions from your accounts of Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter, etc.