10 Best Highest Paying Jobs in America in 2021


Everyone wants to make a good career. For better career orientation and financial soundness, highest paying jobs are necessary.

Likewise previous years, this year LinkedIn has also published a new report on best highest paying jobs in America in 2021. The purpose of publishing this report is to help those job seekers who want to get jobs which are challenging, interesting and of course have good salaries.

Nowadays, the salaries of medical professions such as Anesthesiologist, Surgeons, and Orthodontists are on the top of the list.

If you are searching for high paying jobs in America in 2021, then luckily we have compiled a list of highest paying occupations in the United States for you. Read the following high paying jobs in the US with respect to salaries and responsibilities.

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Best Highest Paying Jobs in America in 2021

Best Highest Paying Jobs in America

10. Senior Corporate Counsel

Median Salary: $175K

Corporate Counsel is a senior executive person in the organizational legal team. The primary responsibilities of these officials are to negotiate, draft and oversee different legal contracts, business and financial agreements in the organizations.

While looking at the job remuneration, the job growth rate is good, and that’s why it is the 10th highest paying job in America.

9. Psychiatrist

Median Salary: $218K

A Psychiatrist is a medical practitioner specialized in the treatment and diagnosis of mental disorder and illness. The job duties of psychiatrist are to diagnose mental disorder by analyzing the patient’s medical history and tests’ findings. He/she prescribes medications/treatments to patients to cure mental or behavioral disorders.

8. Hospitalist

Median Salary: $220K

Hospitalists are the physicians working in the hospitals that focus on the general medical treatments and care of hospitalized patients. They are also responsible for patients’ treatment, research, and teaching.

7. General Physicians

Median Base Salary: $220K

Likewise hospitalists, the salaries of general physicians are also equivalent. General physicians basically examine the patients’ medical history, examination of reports and prescribe medical treatments.

6. Pathologists

 Median Base Salary: $225K

The job of the pathologist is another best paying job in America. It is a laboratory job in which pathologists have to perform different tasks including examination and diagnosis of bodily fluids, conducting urine and sugar tests to point out the diseases.

5. Medical Director

Median Salary: $230K

The post of medical director is also a top paying job in America. Medical directors are the senior management of health departments, groups or hospitals where they do numbers of activities such as maintain and ensure the best clinical and medical services to patients.

Apart from that, they are responsible for quality assurance, financial resources, cost management and medical protocol development.

4. Surgeon

Median Salary: $338K

The Surgeon is a qualified medical doctor with numbers of professional training and advanced certifications. As compared to other medical professions, surgeon can perform simple as well as specialized surgeries.

This is one of the most paying jobs in America because surgeons spend a lot of their time in analyzing patients’ reports and deciding surgery procedures. The most critical part of this job is to get the patient’s surgery done accurate and efficient in the operation room.

3. Anesthesiologist

Median Salary: $350K

Using anesthesia before surgery is an important part of every surgical procedure.  To get this job done accurately and efficiently, specialized physicians are hired, and they are known as Anesthesiologists.

These are the physicians that manage and administer the entire anesthesia process in the operation room. It is a very critical task for anesthesiologists because they have to maintain the patients’ breathe rate, heart rate, and blood pressure during surgery. Their little negligence can put the patient’s life in danger.

2. Radiologist

Median Salary: $355K

Radiology is a specialized field in which radiology experts deal with X-Rays and high energy radiations.

In the medical field, the job of radiology is very critical. Radiologists have to analyze various types of patients’ medical images such as X-Rays, mammograms, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasounds.

1. Cardiologist

Median Salary: $356K

The job of a cardiologist is one of the highest paid jobs in America. The Cardiologist is a heart specialized doctor that examines and diagnoses the patients’ heart, veins, and arteries blood clothing issues. They also perform heart surgeries to cure the patients’ heart-related issues.

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Lastly, there are some other best paying jobs in America such as software engineering, dentists, director and product development managers and marketing managers. These occupations have also good remunerations if you want to grab a good opportunity.

Remember, all the above mentioned jobs require high academic qualification as well as professional experience. If you want to pursue a good career then choose the best line according to your desire and skills.

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