Moving Office on the Budget: 3 Do’s and Don’ts


It doesn’t matter if you are working in a basement with few friends, or in a large, but crowded office, a change of scenery in this professional sense can help business flourish.

Moving an entire business can be tricky. There are a lot of factors you have to think of, and everything has to be planned out perfectly. Every mistake can prove to be quite costly.

The first thing to know is – it doesn’t have to be so hard. There are various things to consider, and it requires some careful planning, but office moving on a limited small business budget can be a nice experience too. It can help with your business development, your human relations between coworkers, and general productiveness level.

With some simple advice, you can learn the basics of what to do and what to take special care of when it comes to serious actions like office movement. We’ve collected some general tips how to approach moving office on the budget, and here are some general dos and don’ts.

Moving Office On the Budget: 3 Do’s

Moving Office on the Budget 3 Do and Donts

1. Involve Everyone

The move you are planning is equally affecting your employees, as it does you. Don’t exclude them from the process; they may have some great ideas about better space usage, or working environment adaptation that may help the entire process in the end.

It can prove extremely helpful to organize regular pre-moving meetings with your staff. Some of them may already have similar experiences from which you can benefit.

2. Plan a budget and assign tasks

Find the right contractors and moving professionals. Research costs and be ready to fully define a budget before the first box is packed. There are lots of things to take in consideration when moving a business, and you have to make sure you have planned out everything properly.

Organize people and see what has to be done. Packaging, sorting, but also labeling can help immensely. Gathering professionals that work for you to manage installations, IT services and other necessary issues can also be quite cost efficient, and it helps boost the team spirit.

3. Arrange a timeline

Everything planned out should have a timeline to follow. There should be a clear timeline for the entire move which will define what tasks have priority over others. The timeline can also help quite a lot when it comes to preparation.

With a tight budget you should make sure there is enough time to prepare everything because proper time planning is essential to the good moving process.

Moving Office On the Budget: 3 Don’ts

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1. Don’t forget contact lists before moving office

With so much in mind, it can be easy to forget some essential things. Make sure you have updated your contact lists. Your mail, delivery services and clients have to know that you’re moving.

This task is best left with one person to oversee because you don’t want to bother your clients over and over again, if the people in charge are not synchronized.

2. Mind the infrastructure

All that essential office equipment you’re using has to be properly set up. If you have larger space, you will need more cables for electricity and network. You will have to adapt the space to your needs, but also take care of your inventory and make sure your new space is fully compatible with your work process.

Arrange security meetings, and define the areas of your new space so that you can carry on with your workflow as fast as possible. Identify the garbage disposal area, and don’t forget to consult with workers to properly settle in.

It may take some time for you and your employees to see how the new dynamics work. There will definitely be some changes after a period of time, but when the move is done, the new office should be set up as planned and agreed.

This way you will quickly learn what its good and bad sides are, and you will understand how to address potential issues in no time.

3. Don’t be stubborn

You must be open to suggestions, no matter what. In order for this move to make a needed change and boost your business, you must make sure your workforce is satisfied. Tend to their needs, discuss everything, and consult with them.

You would be surprised how much more you can get out of the process. Removalists experts assure that the key to success in terms of relocation processes is this openness to suggestions.

It can be quite challenging to move the entire business to another location. Office moves are one of the highest stress inducers of modern business world. Having that in mind, you should approach such moves with devotion and an open mind.

Properly planned and well-executed moving office can prove to be a remarkably good thing for your business. The change of scenery and work dynamics, as well as team building that can come out of the process, can boost the productivity levels, and help you maximize your potential. These simple tips can help you plan your office move and, perhaps even save you some money.

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