Top 9 Benefits of CRM Software in the Moving Industry


When running a business, you are constantly looking for ways to improve it and make it more attractive to customers.

One of the ways to do that is using customer relationship management – CRM. You may wonder in what way CRM can help your moving business.

Well, the benefits of CRM software in the moving business are many. All of them, however, lead to one thing only – increasing revenue. Let’s go through the positives of using this system, so you can easily decide if you need it for your moving company.

Why Do You Need CRM Software When Running a Moving Company?

Benefits of CRM software in the moving industry

The main purpose of CRM Software is to help you reach out to your customers. By using customer relationship management, you can easily identify you customers and engage with them.

The moving business is highly competitive nowadays, so companies need to do everything to improve the relationship with their customers and generate more leads.

CRM covers various applications and can help a lot with time-consuming manual actions and easily improve customer interaction. Let’s see what the main benefits of CRM software in the moving business are.

1# With CRM, you can easily access customer information

With customer information being easily accessible, a lot of other actions become a piece of cake. Using CRM software for small businesses in the moving business can help with reaching the right people, projecting more accurate sales, and speed up the functioning of the sales team.

With CRM software, you can easily get the information on any relocation your company performed and get every detail about it in no time.

Forget about searching through numerous documents, files and sticky notes. Everything you need to have will be identified and stored in the right categories. Handy, isn’t it?

2# By using CRM software in the moving business, you can have better customer service

Good customer service has to have certain characteristics. One of them is reacting fast to your clients’ requests and finding solution to their problem as quickly as possible. Not doing it on time makes most customers go away in search for higher-quality service.

As mentioned before, CRM provides you with easy access to all the information about your clients. This way, your team can find details about their purchases and other information, in no time. Therefore, they provide customers with a fast response and useful solution and earn trust and commitment.

3# Your customers are never kept waiting

If a customer wants to contact your team, they usually dial one number or use one online chat support. What happens if multiple customers want to contact you, or the employee who is familiar with their issues needs to go? With CRM, communication with customers has never been easier.

As all of the employees can have access to the customer information, they can continue answering their questions and dealing with their problems, even though they weren’t familiar with the issue before.

This way, they don’t need to put a customer on hold and keep them waiting but answer their questions promptly and efficiently.

4# Your company’s data will be safer

By using CRM software in the moving industry, your data security will be increased. The reason for this is that all the information is kept under the CRM system and it can be protected so that only authorized people can access it.

Rather than keeping different files on different computers and folders, all of it will be safe in one place. Furthermore, your data will be organized so it can be easily used by one person or the whole team.

Also, talking about safety, learn how to protect your business from scammers. CRM can help a lot, but there are also additional ways to do it.

5# You’ll get reports about your work

CRM software can analyze your numbers and tell you what is happening with your sales. With this service, you can clearly see what is happening in your company and understand its performance for a particular  period.

6# Automatic payrolls can save a lot of time

Calculating payrolls and commissions for each move can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes. CRM can automatically do that for you, just after you complete a move. Mass payments will be a piece of cake!

7# Managing claims/complaints is a lot easier

We hope you don’t have a lot of complaints – but they are a part of almost every business. Complaints are not a big deal if you know how to handle them quickly and efficiently.

CRM is a way to do that – it stores and organizes them, so you don’t fail to resolve each one of them. Having that kind of information in one place is very useful.

You can easily see if certain movers/customers have certain issues repeatedly, so you can react accordingly.

8# CRM will handle automatic emails

You should never miss a lead opportunity just because you sent an email to a customer late. Potential customers should receive emails from your company as soon as possible, and that’s why automatic emails are a great idea.

CRM software can handle this for you – prewritten emails for potential customers, automatic answers, you shouldn’t bother with that anymore.

9# Other ways to improve your moving business

Running a business is not easy, that’s why choosing to outsource can be a great idea.

Professional software companies can handle a lot of your website features and improve your online image. A company like this can provide your moving business with modern online solutions like:

Investing in solutions like these, as well as CRM software, can bring your moving business at the top of the competition list.

The main reason for using CRM software in the moving business should be efficiency in dealing with various tasks. Simple steps in organization and accessibility can greatly improve your moving team’s competence and professionalism, and reduce the time they need to finish a task. The end result – satisfied, returning customers and increased revenue.

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