9 Mobile App Development Tips For Beginners


If you are running a business and you have your website, then the next step is to build an app for your business. To make a successful App, you need to understand a few essential points because there are about 8 million apps in the app store and only 2% of that is successfully running.

So to not make those mistakes the 98% is making you need to understand some significant points of developing an application for your business.

Mobile App Development Tips

9 Mobile App Development Tips For Beginners

Some significant tips to develop a functional app are:

1# Develop a simple application

An app for a business has to be simple yet functional just like a smartphone. Nowadays everyone is potent in using a smartphone because it’s easy to use just like that, your app has to be easy to use, and the necessary things inside the app can be found by the users easily.

While making the app think about the target audience, if your audience or users are generally from all age groups then develop your App accordingly.

2# Research on the likes and dislikes of your users

This is an extremely significant point While developing a mobile application. Before even starting to build an app, research on the likes and dislikes of your target users.

Generally, users are not motivated to use any kind of app that does not suit their interest even if the developer has invested hundreds of hours in it.

That is why the builders of a particular app have to work extremely hard in the research process and find out everything the target users will want in that certain application.

3# Offline usability

Nowadays there is a new trend in the world of mobile apps which is getting popular and attracting the attention of various app developers and various other companies.

This Trend is how the app behaves while there is no internet connection if the app works properly regardless of internet connection or has certain things which attract and captivates the attention of the user in case of internet failure then the application is a success.

And to make a successful application nowadays, the developers has to follow this trend.

4# Features and platform

Once the research is done and you have a clear idea and understanding of the users likes and dislikes then you should think about the features of the app and the right platform. The aesthetic beauty of the app works in diverse ways in different kinds of platforms.

That is why you need to study all kinds of platforms where the App will be used, how the platforms work and what are the specific parameters that are to be utilized by the developers to make an appropriate application.

The developers should choose the right features that are to be included in the app, including excellent content and great user interface. The app should have some useful features. Otherwise it won’t last a day in the user’s cell phone

5# Banners and ads

The app developers and the company who will generate the app should keep the ads, pop-ups, and banners simple, and related to the application.

If there are unrelated advertisements popping up always unnecessarily while the user is using the application, then due to the frustration they will normally uninstall the application even if it is useful.

The advertisements in an application should be related to the matters the user is interested in and trying to find in the application. And also too many pop-ups and advertisements or not beneficial for the future of an application.

6# Focused application

One app should be utilized for one single purpose, and the use should focus on solving one single problem of the user. If one application is trying to solve a lot of problems, then it might get jumbled up and at the end may not help the user at all.

That is why the focus is extremely important here the users should not be confused while using one application.

7# Design should be customized

There are two different leading mobile operating systems, the Android and IOS. These two operating systems have their own market, and the users have access in diverse ways.

The app developers and companies should ensure that their application complies with the policy of each of these operating systems while fulfilling the terms and conditions stated by them.

That is why custom app development is necessary.

8# Seo friendly application

As there are variousĀ  applications for similar purposes, your app has to work hard to be recognized and make a place at the top of the chain.

The most important thing here is to become an SEO (search engine optimization) friendly application.

9# Choosing the right developers

There are a lot of application developers in the market, and you have to do your homework and hire not only the best developer but who is suitable for your kind of work. A developer should be able to understand the point of view of the client, and what type of features the client wants in their application.

The developer has to make the client understand how he or she wants to develop that app. It is better to hire experienced app developers for these kinds of important purposes, and those who have already developed successful applications.

One essential point to consider while choosing your app developer is that he or she should be a specialist in one of the two operating systems, Android or iOS.

There are various other points to consider while developing an application for a business; these are just the originating points. You must first understand what you want from the application and how you want the developers to make the app.

Then only you will be able to make the application developers understand your point of view, and custom app development can be done. So, it is also essential for the company who is hiring a developer to research on the topic before going deeper into developing an application.

Author Bio: Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Custom App DevelopmentĀ . I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.