How to Promote Android Apps to Get More Downloads and Reviews?


Do you know that there are approximately 3 million android apps in the Google Play Store as of March 2017?

Yes, you read it right.

Now, you must be thinking that this is seriously a big number and standing out from these applications is likely dreadful. But do you know that your android app can stand out from these apps if you follow a right way to promote your android application?

If you (being an android developer) needs to be successful with your development, you need to look for a different way to differentiate your work from other developers in the industry. It can be done easily by marketing your developed apps so that android users can easily find your application.

Now, the main problem is that you are a tech-savvy person and not a marketer, and marketing your Android application with the right marketing strategy might be difficult for you.

So, here, I’m sharing some of the simple yet best ways market an app so that it creates a buzz in the market. You should ensure that your app must be rock-solid and word of mouth marketing would be the best way of marketing.

Simple Ways to Promote Your Android Apps

How to promote android apps in Google Play Store

1. Word of Mouth Marketing

Every year, a lot of innovative marketing methods are found, but still, there are some of the old and effective ways to promote android apps. Among some old ways, Word Of Mouth (WOM) marketing is one of the all-time favorite marketing strategies.

It is all about getting people to talk about your application. And in the android app industry, it is even more useful. You can even think about yourself for a moment that how many applications did you recommend to your friends, colleagues or anyone? How many applications did you install on your smartphone because someone has recommended it?

Word of marketing is the best marketing strategy that can make a huge difference in the number of downloads of your apps. In this world, where competition among applications is constantly increasing, we rely on other’s recommendations and suggestions to install any application that gives rich user experience and make our life easier.

You can also give some incentives or rewards for recommendation to a friend or family. Even, you can take an example of Uber that not only provide wonderful services, but it also promises free rides for all users that influence their friends to install the app.

2. Social Media

Social media plays a very significant role when it comes to marketing your application. It is one such app marketing strategy that is helpful for all those Android developers, who are on a tight budget.

With this strategy, they can reach a larger audience, who is very much interested in what you have to offer them. It will not only increase users to your apps, but it will also help you to bring potential customers.

Generally, there are two main ways to connect with your audience through social paid and organic. There is an instant information to both:

  • Organic: Organic promotion on social media comes in the simplest form of having a presence like a Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram profile, etc. You can create accounts on these sites and start following people that are your targeted audience and industry. But you should make sure that you do not spam people. Even you should try to get in touch with your audience in a right way by posting about the things that interest them.
  • Paid: Mobile app ad click-through rates (CTRs) went high to 32% YoY, whereas the inverse happened to CP cost per click that decreased by 33%, according to 2016 report by Kenshoo. If you invest some money in your app’s promotion, you can increase its discoverability and get more people collecting to your app.

3. App Store Optimization (ASO)

In the mobile app world, App Store Optimization or ASO is the SEO that plays an important role for discoverability in an over-saturated market. So, how you are going to accomplish ASO? You can give attention to the following:

  • App’s name – Make sure that the name of your app is unique.
  • Keywords – You need to include relevant keywords, but ensure that you do not stuff it in content.
  • Description – The description that you have written for your app should articulate your application’s value and you also need to remember that you update your app’s description and release notes.
  • Ratings – Does your app positive ratings?

4. One-page Website

Having a one-page website for your android app or game’s promotion is also a good option that will make a huge difference in the presence of your app. If you have some good budget for your app’s promotion, the one-page website can make a difference because your app will have a presence throughout.

You can build your app’s one-page website from scratch or make use of HTML template, but it is recommended to you to take benefit of the best CMS platform ‘WordPress’ that is an advanced tool for developing a full app website or blog without any restrictions on what you can achieve.

5. Make an Interactive Trailer or Video of Your App

You can also prefer to make an interactive trailer of video of your android application that allows people to know all about your application but in the most creative way possible. In the video or trailer, you make sure that you answer all the questions that viewers might get while viewing like what is your app all about, what does your app do?

From where they can download it?

You can create an excitement among your targeted audience with one video or trailer that has energy, excitement and enthusiasm. And you don’t forget to include a call to action in the video of your app.

And, you can share that video as much as possible on social media and ask influencers outreach to share it.  You know paid techniques will also play the biggest role in social media advertising across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You can begin with a smaller budget and experience different techniques.

Final Thoughts –

As you can see that the sky is the limit when it comes to the android app’s promotion. You can consider your app’s launch as a product launch and spend time on it putting together a rock-solid app user acquisition strategy.

You should ensure the quality of the audience that you are attracting to your app. Don’t ignore any of these channels to spread the word about your application. In case, if you have any confusion related to your app’s marketing, you can discuss it with any leading android app marketing agency that has expertise in developing and marketing the app.

Author Bio: Jyoti Bharwani is a Content Manager at Space-O Technologies that specializes in developing android application. She has a keen interest in writing about mobile apps development and marketing. Even she has also started writing about Blockchain Technology and Augmented Reality. In her spare time, she prefers reading non-fiction books and gymming.