5 Advanced SEO Techniques to Boost Your Search Traffic


Every website owner wants more and more traffic to his/her website every day. Website traffic = the total number of visitors. So, more traffic means more business opportunities. Frequent updates in Google’s algorithm, lack of experienced SEO professionals, the acute shortage of high-quality & SEO optimised content, the absence of a definite digital marketing plan, poor-quality SEO etc, are some of the main reasons why your competitors get a steady flow of traffic every day and you get just a small share of plenty of business opportunities available on the market.

All search engines websites or web pages with up-to-date stuff to offer the best possible results to visitors & ensure their 100% satisfaction. If your website doesn’t meet the standards of search engines & people’s expectation, forget about the traffic. So, what are the advanced SEO techniques to promote websites on the WWW and get more traffic? Consider the below-mentioned recommendations:

5 Advanced SEO Techniques to Increase your Traffic

Advanced SEO Techniques1

1. At Least One Content A Day on Your Website: Content Marketing

The entire SEO game is dependent on the supply of meaningful content. A good website design and compelling CTA buttons will prove to be insufficient if doesn’t offer visitors what they are looking for. Search robots of Google select websites with up-to-date info and display them in its SERP. So, content matters a lot in almost all digital marketing activities.

Just create a definite plan for content marketing and ensure than you publish at least one high-quality content on your website. Depending on your specific needs, publish more content if demanded by visitors.

When you regularly update your website with high-quality content, search engine bots visit it regularly. If it happens, there are high chances that you get lots of organic every day. Most SEO professionals don’t examine the content for errors and usability for the targeted audience.

They just get the content from content developers and make it live without proofreading. Even if you publish such content, users don’t react to it because of the availability of errors and unavailability of facts & figures. So, you get zero benefits out of that. Just check all content before their publication on the different web platforms. Only then you will be able to fetch a good amount of traffic to the website every day.

2. Social Media Marketing: A Good Source of Referral Traffic

These days, there is a rapid socialization of the Internet. The circle of the users of different social networking websites is expanding with each passing day.

Social Networking Websites Total Users (Estimated)
Facebook 2.23 Billion monthly active users.
Twitter 330 Million
Instagram 1 Billion monthly active users.
LinkedIn 500 Million
Google+ 395 Million
YouTube More than 1 billion per month.
WhatsApp 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Realizing that social media websites are becoming the most important means of communication with the targeted audience, almost all companies are now using for advertising purposes. So, don’t trail in the competition & be active. Create a solid presence of your brand on all leading social media websites and take all possible measures to increase the number of fans and followers as far as possible.

Share useful content on different social media channels as an important part of your daily SEO activities and appeal visitors to distribute the content to the maximum by sharing them in social groups and with friends.

The more they share your posts, the more exposure your brand will get. Always communicate with your social media users and solve their problems on the spot. A successful SMM campaign not only increases the brand awareness among millions of people but also helps you get ample traffic and business opportunities frequently.

3. Careful Link Building

Link building is a practice of linking one web page or website to another with an intention to get the referral traffic and help users to receive a detailed info on specific topics. Google, the world’s leading search engine, considers the presence of high-quality backlinks & internal linking structures, when it has to review the usability of websites for the targeted audience and offer them the best results.

So, start guest blogging and social booking activities to get high-quality backlinks to your website. You can also work on Question-Answer websites for the same purpose.

4. Stop Your Obsession with Google

Being an IT professional, I have observed carefully that 99% of all website owners are crazy about their site’s ranking in Google’s SERP. They somehow want a decent ranking in Google’s search results and never care about the performance of their website in the SERP of other search engines.

Country Local Search Engine The Market Share of Alternative Search Engines Vs Google Total Number of Internet users
China Baidu 67.89%/10%. Google is blocked in Mainland China. But, available in Taiwan & Hong Kong. 772 Billion
Russia Yandex 53.32% /43.39% 96.6 million

If you think from the business point of view, this seems to a wrong approach. A decent ranking in Google’s SERP is not permanent at all the times. Fluctuations in the search results of Google keep happening regularly. You see your website appearing in top search results of Google in the morning and in the evening, it may go blow top 100 or even more than that following an update in Google’s algorithm, fluctuations in website ranking due to the SEO quality, etc.

I think nothing is wrong if you get additional traffic and business opportunities from alternative search engines. So, optimise your website for all leading search engines and ensure a steady flow of traffic to your website.

5. Email Marketing

Advanced SEO Techniques
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Email Marketing is also an effective way to generate additional traffic to your website and convert them into leads.

Basically, it’s a process of sending personalised newsletters to interested subscribers, advertise new products & services, and encourage customers to take various actions.

Successful Email Marketing campaigns help entrepreneurs to achieve even the impossible looking ambitious business targets easily.

Final Words

Digital Marketing Professionals and website owners use different tricks to increase the website traffic and business opportunities by leaps and bounds. The use of the above-mentioned tips is very helpful for all serious entrepreneurs. Just try it yourself & get amazing results within a few days. Good Luck!

Author Bio: Robert Sumner works as a writer for Media Fortress, an Web Design & Development and SEO Companies Australia offering cost effective custom Search Engine Optimization in Adelaide. He is a web addict and spends too much time in front of the computer. When he actually manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, he is usually reading books, traveling or shooting photos. For more blogs you can follow him on Facebook, and Twitter.