Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies for 2019


Because the world of technology changes so rapidly, so do the platforms that we can use to market our content. This requires that we change, grow and adapt with this dynamic reality. Every new development can send ripples through marketing strategies and can make old methods obsolete in the blink of an eye.

However, it is important to understand that some developments are fads and fade away, while having a great website, a relevant domain name, and other tried and true methods continue to be effective and necessary. Here are the top five content marketing strategies for 2019.

5 Best Content Marketing Strategies for 2019

1. Stumble forward

Many people try too hard to get their strategy perfect. What this does is stiffen their approach and subjugate them to a slow process in a fast and dynamic world. Currently it is more important that you get going fast than to get going right. What that means is, start, go, recognize, adapt and change.

There is a story of a pottery teacher who divided his class into two teams. One team was instructed to make as many pots as fast as they could. The other was told to make one pot and make it as perfectly as possible. The team that made the most pots ended up making the best one as well. The idea being that, through process, we create perfection. It is in our errors that we fine-tune our work.

Apply this same approach to your content marketing. Don’t be afraid to try methods and abandon them if they don’t produce or commit to them when they do. This process can help you discover what works for

you, your business and your customers.

2. Multiple Skills And Platforms

Technology develops so quickly now that it is valuable to adopt new methods and technologies as they become ubiquitous. Content writing has dominated marketing and SEO strategies in recent years, but video is become more critical. Don’t neglect it. The ease of watching instead of reading is creating a niche of content consumers who shouldn’t be ignored. This is also relevant to social media and quick, engagement.

By Tweeting, Facebooking, Snapchatting and Instagramming, you are exploring the world of modern engagement that has become hyper-relevant. Use your angle and your voice to leverage these important platforms to market your content. Simultaneously, use analytics so you can adjust to the effectiveness of each platform and best use your resources.

3. Stop The Tricks

Using techniques like clickbait and deceptive methods to get attention are not only less effective today than they were, but they can even be counterproductive.

Media consumers are becoming more and more savvy because of the enormous amounts of information we consume constantly.

Because of this, people are not only not falling for attempts to trick them into viewing media, it can cause your messages to be blocked, ignored and boycotted. And because more and more media consumption is interactive, unlike television, which was passive, it is critical that your marketing strategies promote engagement rather than alienate your audience by masking your message.

4. Keywords and Targeted Link Building

Regardless of the developments of new platforms, methods, and media, keywords and link building are still king when it comes to creating search engine relevance.

Having websites link back to your site and particularly linking from relevant anchor texts tells Google your site is relevant and what it is really about.

Each link is like a vote within Google’s algorithm signaling that your site is more important that sites which receive fewer and less relevant links. This method of marketing is labor intensive, but it is also effective, even with all of the new technological developments.

5. Lists

Email feels so last decade, but it is still the most effective way to communicate with potential clients and customers. People view emails, especially ones not immediately identified as spam, as a trustworthy way to communicate. And if you keep a list of targeted email accounts, that can be your best way to get a message out.

Even if people don’t read an email from top to bottom, people will notice the message. Whereas a tweet or an ad might easily be ignored, emails penetrate people’s awareness.

In the same spirit, when you use social media, the most effective communications will be with those people you engage with.

Therefore, constantly broadcasting marketing messages becomes ineffective if you don’t also engage personally. When you share yourself through observations and engage with others on social media, those who see your messages are more receptive to them.

Ultimately, marketing and methods evolve, but the game is still the same: use the platforms available to credibly send a message. When you understand the platforms and how they are perceived, you can more effectively market upon these platforms. Stay informed, stay current, don’t be afraid to try and fail and keep moving forward.

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Author: Sarah Elizabeth Saker