What Are Some Effective Outreach Methods For Link Building In SEO?


Well, I am assuming that you have created top-of-the-world content. Now, you want people to link to your content and point to a backlink to your site.

The aim is to target high-authority people or websites here because links that are coming through them have some value. Apart from the SEO benefits, you can also feature them as your social proof.

Plus, this has another benefit to it. When ‘not so big publishers/influencers’ see you got recommended by authority people…

…they will trust you. In turn, their chances of collaborating with you will improve.

However, during the entire remember one thing – you must contact legit people.

When identified, talk with them as if a person is contacting them. They are real people. So. the emails need to be sent in such manner.

Well, let’s give you more insights on this…

Here is How to Write Your Message

What Are Some Effective Outreach Methods For Link Building In SEO

Before I tell you the techniques, a small heads up.

Please note that publishers, bloggers, webmasters, and journalists are busy. They receive hundreds of messages daily. So, you need to respect and value their time. Therefore, you have to send something meaningful and add value to them.

Articulation is the key here. Be specific about the outcomes. Try to be detailed about why someone should connect to you. So, the hack is:

Try to be detailed and concise. What I am referring to here is that – focus on clear messaging. They will likely be interested in your offer if they get bored while reading.

Attention! Stop sending and check whether you have followed these points.

Why They Consider You

What’s special about you? Why should they even care about you? There are a lot of people who are sending outreach requests to them. So, why do they even think about you?

Ask this question:

What am I offering that none else is offering? What’s special about my content?

What value are you adding? Does it fall under –

  • Extensive 3000+ Long-form content
  • Skyscraper content
  • Data-driven statistical content
  • Engaging content backed by the story to instills trust
  • Taking any new angle
  • Producing content better than your competitor
  • Industry-relevant news written from a different perspective

Don’t panic if your content doesn’t fit into these categories. In essence, there must be something unique about it.

Refrain from sharing thin content as the chance is higher that the publisher is highly active in your industry.

Put yourself into their shoes. Think as if you are a blogger. Now, think of delivering something that is relatable.

Lastly, always be genuine and authentic. Do not be someone else just for the sake of links only.

Clearly Mention The Next Step, Make It Actionable

Poor outreach messages revolve around the wants and benefits the sender wants to reap from the outreach campaign.

Here are some of the benefits you can show them:

  • The publisher might take a time to publish on a specific topic. Getting niche content can take off load from them. Hence, they can focus on other tasks.
  • Another reason might be inclusivity. You covered a topic more extensively than them. Punishing your content will add more value to their readers. By the way, this is popularly known as the skyscraper technique.
  • Moreover, you can offer them a guest post on an industry-relevant topic that hasn’t been covered by the site yet. In this case, the publisher will be highly impressed Because it shows that you took your time to research them.

Position Yourself As A Genuine Blogger, Not A Spammer

Now, this is crucial. Everyday, we receive a lot of promotional emails. Honestly, tell me -how many of them do you actually open?

Regarding outreach, you need to emerge as a genuine identity. Otherwise, generic messaging will lead to unfavorable outcomes.

3 Ways To Avoid Benign Spammy

Effective strategies for building and growing on Instagram without spamming

1. Personalization Is The Key (Take Their Name)

Take their name. This sounds simple yet quite effective. Loo, we as humans like to be included and heard.

Doing so can get you the attention that you want from the publisher.

‘Now you may be thinking – How can I find their names? Well, follow this:

  • Check their about us page.
  • Go to their content and see the author bio section.
  • Stalk their social media handles and get the names.

Worst possible scenario – you are not able to find their names. In such a case, simply start with a salutation. But avoid using ‘hi publisher’, ‘hi webmaster’  etc.

2. Compelling Subject Line

There is no alternative to an enticing subject line, as it is a gateway to your entire outreach campaign. If they do not like your subject line – they don’t even open your mail.

Moreover, a generic subject line can also be treated as spam. Avoid writing bad subject lines; do this instead:

  • Go for short and crisp subject lines.
  • Put the name of their site.
  • Using too many capital letters affects readability. So, avoid doing that.
  • Refrain from using the word LINK in your subject line.

3. Be Specific

Speak directly to them. Mention the following:

  • Part of their content that you have liked from their recent blogs.
  • Mention an article name you have liked lately. Tell them – “Hey, I have read your recent blog entitled <title>, and I have liked the way you explained this from this <mention the perspective> angle.

That’s It – Let’s Wrap It Up

I have already shared some of the top outreach strategies with you. These strategies will set up the stage for getting those coveted links.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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Author: Jenny Thomas