Social Media Marketing for Link Building: Top Tactics & Strategies


Social media is home to millions of target customers for any upcoming business. Therefore, digital marketing professionals should find out the best way of regenerating links or building links from different social media platforms to their company websites to increase traffic and chances of attracting new customers.

While most SEO experts still ignore the relevance of link building with social media, the positive impacts of this practice have to lead to some start-up companies building a strong online presence in record time.

3 Easy Strategies for Link Building

Social Media Marketing for Link Building: Top Tactics & Strategies

According to a recent survey to establish how SEO experts did link building in 2019, it is discovered that over 80% of SEO experts include links on different social media profiles.

Also, a significant number of marketers share their social media content and generate viral contents to market their companies.

While seeking SEO services from a leading company might be costly to an upcoming business, mastering the following tactics and strategies for social media marketing and link building can help you improve your business’ image online and realize timely ROI.

1# Link All Your Social Profiles to Generate Leads

The perception that links from social media are unfollowed may be accurate, but you need to be smart and make use of all your social media profiles.

For instance, on Facebook, in the ‘about section’ on your profile or page, you should not forget to include your contacts, website URLs, and a glimpse on your company address. This will help you create customer leads and increase traffic to your company website.

On other platforms, you can attach your website URLs to the images, news, photos, and descriptions you post. This will help generate potential traffic from everyone reading your posts or commenting on your photos. A lot of traffic is made from the news feed section of every social media platform.

2# Promote Your Content on Social Media for Link Building

Your content can attract traffic easily if it goes viral, and people share it across different social media platforms. You can promote your content by asking friends, family, and other people following you on social media to read them, comment, and share. Some crucial content promotions hack includes:

(i) Creating readable content

You cannot afford to lose every potential lead because you have created content that is difficult to read. Apply the right fonts, quality images, and spacing between words to make reading easy even to those with reading difficulties. Also, the content must be free of any grammatical mistakes.

(ii) Going over your competitors’ content

Discovering what your competitors in the same market niche are posting can also help you to come up with most searched topics.

You can read any material online that you find relevant to your product line and come up with creative content. Sharing with some of the leaders in the industry is essential to getting the basics of link building in social media platforms. Two heads are always betters than one!

(iii) Translating original content to multiple languages

Translating your original content to different languages and submitting your content to a different community-based blog, can help you to build links from various websites.

Not everyone using the internet reads English. Writing content in a different language helps to reach a particular community directly in their native language.

(iv) Creating season-based content

Seasonal content attracts traffic to your website during particular times of the year. For instance, regularly talks about Christmas in their content which helps to attract readers to their site during every December festive season.  Come up with content that can be rediscovered regularly.

3#  Go Viral

The best way of increasing traffic to your website is coming up with viral content. Viral content reaches multiple community sites and social media platforms. Once your content goes viral, you do not have to worry about generating leads as they come automatically from every platform they appear.

To ensure your content goes viral, here is what you must do:

(i) Target the young adults and teens

Create content that targets young adults and teens because they are the most glued to the internet. They understand more about sharing content across different social platforms, and this is beneficial to your business.

Unlike most adults who lack enough leisure time, most teens’ life revolves around social media. If you intend to generate leads from social media, then create content that targets the youth and include links that back them to your website.

(ii) React fast to everything taking place on social media

Since life on social media never stops, it is essential to stay online and create real-time content. There is a high demand for fresh and informative content on social media.

People ask questions on different topics that can be answered whenever you generate new content and post them on social media platforms.

Staying online will help you to come up with relevant and up to date content that is more likely to spread across different platforms.

(iii) Creativity and originality for Link Building

Creativity is essential to link building in various social media platforms. To go viral, you must be outstanding in the content you generate.

Be creative, informative, and original and social media users will ‘like’ and comment on your content, helping you to create more traffic.


Social media marketing involves creating a credible image online and offline. It involves applying the best link building techniques that attract traffic to your website. Link building is such a difficult task that requires one to be equipped with the primary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills and techniques.

Given the increasing demand for digital marketing services, companies have emerged to provide expert link-building services. Most companies approach the process in different ways, including generating favorable keywords, offering web-based analytics, and social media marketing.

This article points at the major areas you should pay attention to when you are looking forward to building links from your business or company’s social media profile.

Note that these link building tactics and strategies are ideal for creating a strong social media presence and increasing returns to the business in terms of sales and expansion of customer base.

Author Bio: Catherine Park is a connector with Puppygeeks who help businesses find their audience online. She loves writing and is fascinated by the role information plays in today’s ever-changing world.