Top 10 Social Media Engagement Hacks, Tips, and Strategies


Social media engagement is so important because the more people that engage with your content the more people will see your content and the more people that see your content the more people see your products services the more people are going to buy from you and that is money in the bank.

So today, we are going to try and give you top 10 social media engagement hacks, tips, and strategies in just five minutes that’s right we’re doing.

Top 10 Social Media Engagement Hacks and Tips

Social Media Engagement Hacks Tips and Strategies

#1 Post Images in Your Social Media Accounts

Post images in your social media accounts for Twitter and Facebook, you can do this really easily even without being a graphic designer just use canva calm or and create social media images you can use inspirational quotes you can use memes whatever you want, but go with visuals.

So people pay more attention to the post and you’re more likely to get engagement likes shares and subscribes.

#2 Use Multiple Social Media

When you post images in Facebook or an Instagram or in twitter this way you can actually get more out of these images instead of just using them in just one platform.

If it makes sense to put them another platform feel free to go ahead and share them there. Because you might have people in your audience who didn’t get them in the other platform.

#3  Being Native to the Platform

Being native to the platform, every platform is different and has unique features take the time to learn about the different features in all these platforms.

There are things that are different about LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Medium vs Twitter. So take the time to study up on these platforms and do what makes sense in the context of the platform.

You can absolutely use some of the same content in each platform but you should also make specific content that leverages the platform effectively just because it was good and vine doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be good an instagram or as a twitter video in some cases this is true.

So just go ahead and use the appropriate context for each platform that you’re posting.

#4 Using Automation Tools

Consider using automation tools for some of your social media post there are post that makes sense to do in real time, and to engage with their audience and there are other things that make sense as far as push or pull content to schedule.

So if you know that there an upcoming event or something tent pole that goes on or you know that something’s coming up for a holiday, it would make sense to schedule something and automate something you specifically want to go out at that time.

That way if you’re busy you don’t miss the opportunity also scheduling at least one post to go out in each platform. Every day can take it off of your plate and make sure that you have something that’s going out there that might get someone’s attention, and start an interaction that you can handle in real time, so go ahead and use that push also as a pull that actually leads.

#5 Be Consistent

Be consistent and try and post in your strongest platforms on a daily basis. In some platforms there’s actually a benefit to posting multiple times a day. Twitter and Facebook are the primary examples of this, but i would also say Instagram.

Those platforms make sense to post in multiple times a day try at least 2 to 3 times a day in some of those platforms twitter i would say you need more frequency than that twitter.

If you can via automation try and get something out every 2 hours or so twitter is very noisy i would avoid going super repetitive. Value of the content is so remember consistency and frequency are important

#6 Take Advantage of Video Content Platforms

Take advantage of video content platforms, take advantage of things like YouTube and Facebook video for live-streaming.

Making short form videos directly to people on twitter videos saying thank you for following me or for any other reason that makes sense maybe even leverage Instagram video.

Just find what video platforms work for you and that you’re comfortable with but take advantage of them since they’re your personality and human face-to-face interaction at scale.

#7  Use Hashtags

Use hashtags for search and discovery allow people to find you with the hashtags also use hashtags as a listening strategy to filter for what people might be talking about in your industry.

#8  Respond To Comments

Respond to comments and interactions if someone tweets at you respond to them or acknowledge them if you get a comment in YouTube to go ahead and reply that person it might take you five or ten seconds be human.

#9  Call To Action

Always have a call to action whenever you post something. Try and correlate that to a call-to-action or to an engagement ask them to do something whether that be like share retweets subscribe sign up for your email list make sure that something is not a big ask and is correlating to your goals

#10  Face To Face Interaction

Don’t forget social media is about being social be human, don’t rely completely on automation, talk to people engage with them ask questions follow up re-share and retweet their stuff.

Get involved be part of online twitter chats be part of Facebook groups and communities in LinkedIn just be human.

Build that face to face interaction whenever possible go deep with people use things like YouTube as a network and really show that you care about what other people are doing as much as you want them to care about what you’re doing if not more.


Well, I think I covered that in just about five minutes i think that these 10 tips are some of the core social media engagement strategies and things they’re going to help you the most in social media especially if you’re struggling with it.

Thank you so much for joining us if you found this article helpful i ask that you share and comment so we can continue to bring you the best marketing training in the future thank you.

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