3 Things You Need To Do To Make Awesome Sales On Twitter


Making a twit trend is very easy if you know how the twitter universe works but creating one that gets you sales is on a totally different story. We all know how awesome twitter is when comes to connecting people online. It made instant stars overnight just through a 150 character post. Can you imagine how much more it can do for your business?

Twitter now entered the world of business support by letting you do your marketing with them. Some of its best features are of course the paid ad spaces and ad boosters. If it sounded a bit familiar to you, yes it somehow works like the ones you see and use in Facebook. However, twitter is geared to help retailers target customers; while Facebook helps you expand your market through establishing brand awareness.

To get to the bottom of this let us not get too technical. We have listed amazing twitter marketing tips to fuel you up. Rest assured that it will drive your sales insane! It will hit the top in no time, thank us later!

3 Twitter Marketing Tips You Should Follow To Maximize Your Sales

1). Run a Contest

Contests are popular in twitter. It helps build up engagement and gain more followers. This is made possible by the hashtag language as it creates a network around the contest itself. Ideas? Well, they are up to you! No limits for your long list of ideas. Anything that gives a good incentive and is fun makes a great roll out for your brand and business in a whole. Just make sure you deliver whatever prize you announce and this is something we no longer need to explain why.


  • Start a contest type
  • Choose a Prize
  • Share and promote your contest
  • Keep eye on your contest
  • Post-contest follow-up and promotion


They are pretty straight forward as per corp.wishpond.com

  • Discourage the creation of multiple accounts
  • Discourage posting the same Tweet repeatedly
  • Encourage the use of topics relevant to the contest
  • Follow The Twitter Rules
  • Adhere to any applicable Laws and Regulations for your Jurisdictions

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2). Promote Special Offers

Almost 90% of users follow businesses on twitter to get discounts and freebies. This logically calls for your promotional ads. Providing them what they are looking for is expected to help you hit your sales goals. Share and grant discounts by simply using “@replies”, users will surely be able to receive and read them in no time.

Make sure that you give your kids equal attention so you will not be scolded before the day ends. To avoid any misunderstanding, make sure that your promotional ads states clearly what it is they need to know the most. Stay transparent and fair as any mistakes can affect or the worst break your brand.


  • Create awesome info-graphics to explain more about your special offers
  • Twit blurbs to explain them
  • Keep creating unique announcements to stay active.
  • Keep your words short but specific.
  • Keep in mind that people are in twitter to hang out and not to be pitched to.
  • Try not to spam.
  • Avoid pissing off anyone, remember that you are only one twit away and you’re all over.

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3). Engage with Your Twitter Community

Nothing beats a simple hello. To put it simply, communicating with your target market is still the best twitter marketing tips ever developed. This usually works well on holidays and season change as there are a lot of ideas ready for the taking. Not to mention that most shoppers love a little holiday cheer. A simple offer that can help them celebrate with glee can draw them closer to you.


  • Just celebrate the season with your followers
  • Stay sweet and kind
  • Maintain communication and keep promoting without them knowing you are promoting!

Twitter’s primary purpose is to connect and let users share their thoughts. The platform will always be here to help us but it is still an utmost importance to improve your products, services and brands. If they are getting what they are paying for and they are happy, you’re doing a great job! Keep up the good work and happy twitting!