6 Simple Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Reach


Social media is now a vital tool for businesses to reach their target audience and boost prospects. It’s a wonderful way to reach to those that might have some sort of interest in your product or business or with any aspect of the business. Social platforms are now one of the most effective ways to get online traffic and grow the base.

But the question is why only Facebook when there are so many other popular social media channels around? Why to spend all your resources, and energy also, on only one platform whether there are others to get benefits? Does this platform deserve the kind of attention it gets from marketers?

Well, you should know that – 

  • Facebook now has a whopping 1.60 billion monthly active users
  • Its user base roughly accounts to 1/5th  of the total population of the world
  • It is responsible for over 10% of all traffic generated on the internet
  • Facebook generates some 25 times more referral traffic than Twitter
  • In the US, the average time spent by people per day is maximum for Facebook, which is two-times more than Twitter and four-times more than LinkedIn

From the above, it’s quite clear why being on Facebook makes a lot of sense for brands. However, only being there is surely not enough. They have to get more LIKES, SHARES, and COMMENTS to benefit more.

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Which means: –

  • Your posts or content should reach to more people to gain more benefits
  • More people should show interest in your posts to help in brand building
  • Your business should catch the attention of more users
  • And above all, you need more people talking about your business, products or services

All this is not possible without understanding how your posts or messages on Facebook can be taken to more people. You won’t gain beyond a point unless you knew how to optimize your Facebook reach.

Six Amazing Tips to Optimize your Facebook Reach       

You should know that like search engines, Facebook too have a search algorithm in place. It also has ranking factors and its algorithm also changes and evolves with the time. That said, it’d be better if you knew what those search factors are to boost the value of your posts. Along the way, you can follow these tips to gain better on Facebook.

1).    Choose a Right Time for Posting

Yes, you need to post when the timing is right. Weekends are the most productive period in terms of engagement and interactivity. Make the most out of them. As far as the timing goes, you should post when the competition is low, which happens at night.

2).    Post Right Kind of Content

Your business page can post ideas or messages in 6 different ways. They include questions, videos, images, links, coupons and giveaways. You should know users prefer visual messages more than plain texts. They prefer questions also. That’s why, video posts fare better than plain texts.

3). Avoid Embedding and Post your Video Directly   

You should avoid embedding a YouTube video in your posts as they are not as helpful as when they are posted directly on Facebook. In fact, direct posting takes the level of interactions many notches up. So, feel free to upload as much videos as you can to give your audience juices for entertainment and engagement.

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4). Be Short and Concise with Posts’ Descriptions

You should be extra careful with the description of your posts. You should keep the description as short as possible. The longer you write, the poorer it fares. The easiest way to get the maximum interactions is by sticking to 0-10 words. Going anything above means jeopardizing the posts’ prospects.

5). Look for Engagement with Right Topics and Themes

Your posts should look to engage more with users on Facebook. This can only be done by giving them interactive and value-addition content or posts, which mean, you should try to select only those topics or themes which are user-centric or which are relevant to the core. You need to give users interesting things to stir their imaginations and seeking their reactions.

6). Look to Sway Emotions  

It’s always a good strategy to look to sway emotions of your target audience of users on Facebook, which means you should choose visual elements like color, picture, resolutions, graphics etc. This way, you can influence their buying decisions.

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In overall, Facebook is the most popular and most effective social platform around and your business should make the most out of it. You should look to hire only top social media consulting services to grow the business and realize its goals.

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