7 Social Media Activities You Can Do Under 15 Minutes


Social media helps you create content and share it with your desired audience by connecting you to your audience directly, within few minutes or seconds you can share your content to a large mass of audience throughout the globe.

Social media has become a very important part of everyone’s lives; people are highly engrossed and attracted to social media. Some of the social media sites are-

Millions and millions of people are engaged with social media, and hence, social media has become the most used tool for marketing.

Many businessmen, actors, influencers and other famous personalities use social media for their work promotion. This promotion is done through social media marketing.

What is Social Media Activity?

7 social media activities you can do under 15 minutes

Social media activities are nothing but the activities done using social media tools in order to promote our work to gain more traffic and attention. Social media activity is a part of social media marketing (SMM).

Further, social media marketing promotes your business in such a manner that it engages audiences and influences them to be a part of your business by either by viewing your content or buying your products from your online store. With the help of social media, you can achieve your targets very easily, fast and at a reasonable cost.

But How Will You Do This “Social Media Activities”?

Here are seven social media activities you can do to increase your traffic in less than 15 minutes:

1# Use proper keywords

Keywords give the viewer an idea about what the content is about and hence, keywords play a very important role in your marketing, by using proper keywords you can achieve again in your audience instantly.

Keywords selection is an easy process, for example, let’s take this article, my title is “7 social media activities you can do under 15 minutes” so my keyword will be social media activities.

You can also use hashtags (#) like #socialmediaactivities, etc. Selection of keywords will take no time, and by using ethical and logical keywords will rank your site on the top search list.

2# Advertising Campaigns

An advertising campaign is a series of advertising method which promotes and shares your idea to different people; you can also share it with your targeted audience.

Once you decided your targeted audience, you can set up advertising campaigns, this may cost you some penny, but the results will be worth it, ads boost up your post or site by popping your name in the search list of a large audience so your post will directly be viewed by a large mass.

Today there are multiple ways to set up an ad campaign, and this can be done within no time and definitely within 15 minutes.

3# Post routine

You should post content regularly and not make the viewers wait for a long time. Along with that, you have to provide authentic and valid content and not pirated or copied content. Content is King in social media.

Therefore, original content does well than copied or second-hand content. The more you keep posting, the more will your audience increase. Posting takes not more than 5 minutes so you can keep posting without spending hours on it.

4# Generate new ideas

New ideas will with no doubt work on social media, you should not only keep posting content about one idea but widen your content by generating new ideas from topics, for instance, say you only post about food reviews and you have a good audience following you but if your widen your skills and start posting about movie reviews then you will also attract audience who like to read movie reviews.

This will take some time as before but will insidiously increase your audience.

5# Interaction with the audience

Engaging with your targeted audience is essential because it strengthens and maintains the relationship between you have the audience.

There are many sources available now where you can interact with your audience directly say by going live or asking the audience what they need from you, what type of content they like to see, etc.

Interacting with the audience maintains loyalty between you and them and the audience start trusting you and may also proclaim your name to others. You can do this activity for at least 10-15 minutes and the progress will still be increasing.

6# Maintain Aesthetics

Your site should look appealing only then will they attract customers. So, if you keep maintaining your site aesthetically, it will look more enduring and the viewers will get attracted towards it with no doubt. It shows the value and beauty of your site.

If you design your website or plan about aesthetics post beforehand, then you can maintain your aesthetics in less time. Just remember you stick to your theme and not drift to another theme in between.

7# Seasonal posts

Your posts should be related with the season, for instance, you cannot post a picture captioning “monsoon vibes” in summer or winter.

Along with this you should also keep a track about events happening in your country or surrounding and keep posting about them, like if there is a new rule announced by the government, you can express your views on it to your viewers and it is necessary to keep posting about the surrounding events because audience will crave for information on that from you and you cannot deny that, you can just do this by posting stories or by going live, etc.

This will not take a heck lot of time and can be done within a few minutes unless you decide to edit it, but always avoid editing posts on such topics.

So, these were some tips or activities you can do on social media in less than 15 minutes, by following all these steps properly and accurately you will see a growth in your audience in no time making your business or site even more popular than it was before.

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