8 Types of Engaging Content to Boost Your Traffic


Websites contents can be of various types such as textual, visual or aural. The purpose of these contents is to bring traffic. But all kinds of contents do not bring the same amount of visitors.

If your website is not having the desired amount of traffic, you might want to improve the contents of your site. But what types of content being the most traffic?

Today, we will be discussing eight types of contents which are engaging and boost traffic for almost any website.

8 Types of Engaging Content To Drive Traffic

8 Types of Engaging Content to Boost Your Traffic

1. Webinar

A webinar is a live web-based video conference. It connects the host to the viewers and listeners from around the world.

The host communicates with the audience sitting in front of the computer, using a webcam, a microphone and a headset. Participants watch, listen and interact with one another and the host using text chat or the forum.

Webinars are becoming popular day by day. They make holding conferences and meetings more convenient and productive at the same time. Anyone can participate in a webinar while staying at home or without leaving one’s workplace. Venue rental issues are no more a headache.

Webinars can attract the right type of audience to your website because it is one of that kind of online contents people are interested in.

Webinars can be used for education, marketing, sales and corporate training purposed.

2. Vlog

Vlog is the shortened form of video log.

To make a vlog, you have to make videos, and upload them afterwards. You can also use live videos as a vlog. This can be done using smartphones or tabs. Using a good quality microphone is also necessary because the sound is just as important as video.

Vlogs can engage more people than general blogs because reading gets boring at some point and many users prefer watching videos over reading.

Vlog certainly helps to keep the visitors on your site for longer periods. Creating interesting videos on trending topics or letting people know something through the vlog will help to increase the traffic.

3. Research and Case studies

Research and case study are perfect ways of boosting traffic. A content containing well-researched data on exciting topics will always grab the attention of your visitors.

When you present a case in your website, and reach a conclusion based on your research data, it is more like storytelling. People are more interested in such things rather than plain writings.

Writing success stories are also helpful. People like reading success stories that inspire them.

4. Guest Posts

Publishing guest posts on other websites can increase your visitor number visitors through backlinks. You may also accept guest posts on your site.

Accepting guest posts will bring diversity in the content. Different people think and write differently. As a result, there will be enough variation regarding topic coverage. It also offers you a break from writing.

Accepting and submitting quality content is the key to success here.

5. Viral Content

If you are looking to drive a lot of traffic within a short span of time, creating viral contents are exactly what you are looking for.

Contents on general topics are necessary, and that is something you should regularly do. But creating contents on trending topics is the best way to get quick traffic.

However, you shouldn’t always aim to create viral contents. Because making a content go viral needs some luck, and even if you are successful, nothing remains viral forever.

6. How-to guides

People often search for the most efficient way to do things. That’s why how-to posts are very popular and keep bringing more visitors to your site.

Now, you cannot write a how-to post on anything. You need to find something that is related to your business. Chose a problem that is often faced by your potential readers and give a detailed a solution to that.

To write a how-to post, at first give an introduction to the problem. Right after that an introduction to the solution. Then describe the steps to implement the solution. Finally, summarize everything and conclude. Use videos, pictures, diagrams to make things clear and easy-to-follow. You may also use infographics.

But a specific how-to post will not ensure traffic for a lifetime. You need to come up with new how-to posts regularly to make your blog popular among the readers.

7. Interviewing Influencers

Interviewing the industry influencers will undoubtedly boost your traffic. These influencers are often willing to share ideas and experiences that your readers want to hear. This kind of blog posts benefit both the parties. Through such interviews, you receive credibility because of their expertise. On the other hand, the influencer can spread their ideas among more people through your blog.

8. Infographics

Infographics are great for presenting data in a visual way. People love infographics. Infographics can capture an idea in a compact visual format. Often times these are the most shared contents of a blog. In fact, data shows that infographics are shared three times more than any other types of visual contents.

You can share research, data and statistics in an engaging way through infographics. They are an excellent way to engaged the visitors.


Sharing resources and tools, white papers, podcasting, list posts, product review and comparison are some other ways of boosting traffic. To know which one works best for you, you have to go through the experiment. Chances are good that using a proper combination of these will boost your traffic even more.

Author bio: Liakat Hossain is a content marketing professional at WebAlive, a web design and SEO agency in Melbourne. He has been helping businesses grow by developing SEO and content marketing strategies since 2011.