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Market research is a term which is very commonly used by businessman while designing their marketing mix. Generally market research is understood as an activity where the company compiles information regarding a particular topic and research the market for the particular product or service they are planning to offer. It can be done both online and offline using the various market research techniques. It helps in gaining insight about the market.

Definition of Market Research

As per Wiki: It is a type of function which helps in linking with consumer or targeted customers by utilizing the information gathered through various sources. With the help of market research the business owners generate, refine their marketing actions, monitor the performance of marketing plans. It addresses the issues faces by the marketing team then helps in designing the plan which can help the organization to be successful.

As per AMA: It is a function which helps in directly connecting with the customers, public and to define the marketing opportunities .The data or information is collected while keeping in mind certain objective.

The market research is a study of the market and its trends without influencing anything. Here the customer and its views are the center of the entire research. No assumptions are made all the facts are collected which helps in the decision making process. It is a free tool and various techniques can be used to gather information.

Steps involved in market research are:

  • Collect the data and prepare it to analyze
  • You should identify the potential markets and prioritize it according to your preferences.
  • Communicate the goals and target decided after the research to the stakeholders
  • Lastly, track your relationship with the targeted and potential customers.

Let’s learn about Top Market Research Tips for Business Grow

How to Grow Business With Market Research
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It is very useful in defining the marketing techniques of any type of business. It can help the business to target their product and services to the potential customers easily. If it is well executed then can bring a drastic and impact change in the business growth.

It will be helpful in defining a strategy for the product or service offered by your business. You can get a target of potential customers without spending much money and less risk cost involved in it. During the market research different complex models are used to predict the behavior of the buyer or consumer in response to your marketing campaign. After the detailed market research you will get an idea about the present state of the market, consumer behavior and details about the different competitors available in the industry.

You should have detailed knowledge and understanding about how to perform research otherwise the entire outcome can shift your focus to some another direction which might not be fruitful for your organization. There are some market research providing companies also which conduct research on your behalf and help in making it successful and beneficial for your business growth. The experts from the research conducting company will guide you best for the same.

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