10 Amazing Apple’s iOS 10 Features – Small Biz Owners Need To Know About


Recently, iOS 10 has been released by one of the most famous companies of the present century, Apple. Lots of new features as well as improvements have been added to it. You might have noticed the different changes in Images, Camera, Notes, Music, Messages, Camera, News apps, etc. A number of these features are supposed to be subtle to a greater extent, as compared to the others. 10 of these amazing Apple’s iOS 10 features have been given below:

Apple’s iOS 10 features You Should Know

1). Inclusive Privacy & increased Security

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. are must things used in any kind of business these days. In some of the businesses the data is required to be kept confidential in any case. So privacy and security are such factors that must be taken under serious consideration. These features have been enhanced to a great extent in the Apples’ iOS 10. The security features also help the users to protect their personal/ Biz data and system against the malwares, viruses, etc. This is one of the most important specifications of Apple iOS 10.

2). Increased intelligence of the machine

The latest Operating System of Apple has been developed for taking the benefit of the software intelligence progress. The technology of machine learning is included in it and it has been assimilated into Siri.

3). Maximization in Graphics performance

The new iOS 10 by Apple has the features to maximize the performance of graphics while doing videoconferencing, moving from one app to another, viewing any PPT presentation, playing any of the complex 3 dimensional games, etc.

4). Progression among different devices

In any sort of business, there is always a need for using a number of computing devices that are supposed to be a part of the entire system; so new iOS 10 by Apple has introduced the concept of continuity across the different devices.

5). 3D Touch System

One of the newest features of Apple’s iOS 10 is the 3D touch system. It lets the users to view the images, videos or whatever very quickly. You just have to tap on the notifications for launching the app. This helps in clearing the notifications as well as in deleting the emails and other things from expanded notifications.

6). Warning for unsecured networks

If you get free Wifi, it is always tempting; however, there are security risks involved in that and there are great chances that one can easily become a victim of any kind of viral attacks. So it is a great feature of the new iOS by Apple that it provides warning for the unsecured networks.

7). New Application Programming Interfaces for the developers

8). Enhanced capability with a number of other devices (both Apple and Android)

9). Typing in multiple languages

10). The feature of AirDrop in order to share large files

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Some more specifications of Apple iOS 10 include carplay, transcriptions of voicemail, emojis tap, widgets, deletion of the default applications, betterment in the maps, and a lot more. All of these amazing Apple’s iOS 10 features are supposed to be known by the small biz owners.