Investing Your Money Wisely: Everything You Need to Know About Strategic Tech Investor


Investing your money is, for some, a threatening prospect. There are misconceptions about the market, investors, and how much you can really stand to win or lose. Strategic Tech Investor is taking all the misconceptions and putting into plain English just what you should or should not be doing with your money.

The technology corridor is booming, and it’s not surprising considering how everyone from eight to eighty-eight now has a cellphone or computer that they use daily. Technology is the new wave of the future and it’s not hard to see why.

Strategic Tech Investor – The Company

Strategic Tech Investor

Strategic Tech Investor breaks down the advances in the technology sector and reviews predictions that are on trend in the current market.

Michael A. Robinson, leader for Strategic Tech Investor, gives valuable information through his latest pics and predictions in the technology field. From pot stock, gold, and silver, to corporations that do 3D printing, there is a wide variety of industries that Strategic Tech Investor researches and puts forth their knowledge about.

With the technology industry making billions of dollars a year, it seems like a lucrative place to put your money into.  Of course, and if an industry making billions then turned around gave you the information that’s already been vested, that’s exactly what Strategic Tech Investor does.

What They Offer

Many free reports are available on a wide variety of topics. The radical technology profits review documents all the latest in technology via their reports.  Videos by Michael A. Robinson explain new technologies and what’s next in certain areas, like his video “What’s Next For Apple?”

Special Reports include items that will keep you informed and well-versed in the areas like penny stocks, Silicon Valley tech, profiting from the pot industry, and many more. Articles to keep one informed are posted in areas like “Why 2019 Will Be the Year of Big Tech” and other subjects.

Money Map Press, which also houses Nova-X Report and Radical Technology Profits, is the parent of Strategic Tech Investor and offers additional materials.

Michael A. Robinson – Technology Financial Analyst

With more than thirty years of experience, Michael A. Robinson is a top technology financial analyst and one of the proclaimed “gurus of Money Map Press.”  This has granted him the authority on the technology sector. Published author of “Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings” and Pulitzer Prize nominee, he has also written for various journals, as well as done background research and reporting for a variety of well-respected newspapers across the country.

His network of business professionals and his natural ability for interview give him an ability to scope out the businesses that will be on trend for the market. Expertise in the industry and has written extensively about tech companies is also a huge benefit. Editor for the American Wealth Underground, a financial newsletter, as well as other leading financial news outlets he has a candid and upfront voice.

His analysis of the market is proven since he has done the research all behind it.

Investing Your Money Wisely

Wouldn’t it be easy to invest when you know that someone has done the work for you and already looked ahead at trends and gains?  That’s exactly what Strategic Tech Investor has done. Through their reports that get sent directly through email, they will take that research and forward all the details they have found directly.

Investing your money wisely would be a perfect mix of finding the right information, that information finding you at the right time, and in a field that you have a passionate interest in.

If the technology sector is one that you find yourself reading about or looking to gain new insights into, then this would be the place for you. Getting your investments into an area where you know the information isn’t paid for or marketed in a certain way while being invested because of an interest in that particular market is the best of both worlds.

Since they aren’t influencers or affiliates, they can offer all this advice free of charge. Their slogan “Only the news you can profit from,” simply says it all. Sign up to see all that Strategic Tech Investor can offer you.

What kinds of investments?

There is a wide variety of places to invest nowadays but narrowing down those to where to place funds could be an overwhelming and daunting task. Strategic Tech Investor also has articles that mention which stocks to stay away from. There are plenty of areas that are specifically recommended, and that Michael himself says he is excited about and why which is a great place to get started.

Investments are a tricky business but investing wisely is choosing an industry that’s already booming, which we know the technology industry just continues to continue growing. There is not one sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Proven winners are researched, and Strategic Tech Investor has done that proving ground and put in the time and effort it takes.

Big Breakthroughs.  Big Profits

Strategic Tech Investor’s “Big Breakthroughs – Big Profits” slogan says it all.  In a field where everything is constantly changing and involving, there can only be more breakthroughs and advances every day. Technology is such a big booming business that the big profits are inevitable. With the industry gaining this kind of progress and trending there can only be an upward movement. People demand new iPhones every year and constant new development of each product that it can only move forward and advance.

Strategic Tech Investor has many positive reviews and their investors are excited over the advances that the company and Michael have been making. People that are in the technology industry themselves and have experience in many of the specialized areas that Michael talks about are singing the company’s praises. They see the direction that the future is going in, and Strategic Tech Investor seems to be taking in that forward motion and putting it to good use.

Author: Sophia Williams