How to Maximise Your Affiliate Marketing Income


How can I maximize my affiliate marketing income? – I get asked this question a lot. This question was everywhere – in the comments, on my social media and literally, everywhere.

So, here we are, discussing affiliate marketing income. To begin with, many bloggers are skeptical about the whole affiliate marketing thing. They are scared to give it a go. If they decide to take a leap of faith and find good affiliate programs, they fail to promote it properly.

And when they do not make minimal efforts, their affiliate income is not that promising making them believe that affiliate marketing is online income mumbo jumbo. Affiliate marketing, in 2018, is still one of the most significant income sources for bloggers. Many blogging experts believe it is one of the easiest ways to make money from your blog.

Did they say – make money?

Now, who hates to make extra bucks? We all want to learn some money making tips to help us increase the flow of our income. Therefore, I am going to list down some robust ways to get more out of your affiliate programs. Without any more of the talking, let’s get started.

8 Ways to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Income

How to Maximise Your Affiliate Marketing Income

1# Research and Select Right Affiliate Products

If you want to earn well from your online affiliate marketing programs, you need to start streamlining right from the beginning. You need to research and choose the right affiliate products. You can set your own rules and ideals while selecting the product to promote.

Many bloggers who have mastered the art of affiliate marketing stick to choosing the product they trust. They have developed methods to select a trustworthy product. Some arrange meet-ups with owners in person while others try out the product themselves to check the authenticity of its claims. You need to build a selection system that works for you.

But whatever product you choose to promote, make sure that it keeps up with the theme of your blog and keeps thrust of your readers and subscribers.

If you promote a product that does not meet the quality standards, you might lose out your loyal readers. And above all, selling crappy products to your readers and subscribers is an unethical business.

Here is how you can maximize your income by selecting the right affiliate product:

  1. Examine your existing affiliate products for pay-out. It is better to choose products with recurring revenue and better upsell offers than to promote products generating single commission.
  2. Try to find and select new products hitting the market. You can try and them. And then suggest them to your subscribers.
  3. You can stay active on online marketplaces such as Clickbank or Shareasale, to find the right products to promote. If you can be one of the first product promoters, you can get a higher income.
  4. Try to locate and understand the everyday problems of your audience. If you can identify them, you can select products that can offer them a solution and create content accordingly.
  5. Study the competing marketers of your niche to get cue of what they are doing better with their product selection.

2# Optimise Your Blog Content

Okay, now that we’ve understood how to select the right products for your affiliate marketing I would like to draw your attention towards your blog content. Yes, your blog attracts the attention of your audience. As your audience trusts your content, they also trust the products you promote.

You need to bear a few things while creating content for increasing the affiliate marketing income:

  • Create content for your readers not for companies
  • Focus on creating high quality, relevant and useful content for your subscribers
  • Keep your promotions subtle and natural. Do not go over the board with promoting as it might hurt the sentiments of your readers and decrease their user experience.

Remember, being too promotional can also get you in trouble with the search engines as most have algorithm tweaked to enhance user-experience of the readers. The last thing that you will want for your blog is a drop in your search rankings.

Blogging tips to enhance your affiliate marketing income:

  1. Find and use the right keywords. If you are promoting a product, you must use the keyword in your title. Say you are doing a review of a product. Use the product name as a keyword in your blog title along with the word review. This trick makes your content visible to the targeted audience.
  2. You must try to get backlinks to the affiliate product content. Backlinks also help in improving the search ranking of your blog and thus, enhance your money-making opportunities.
  3. Write reviews of the affiliate products. You must write a detailed review of the product targeting the audience with buying mindset. Try to include images, before & after shots, videos, etc. to grab the attention of buyers.
  4. Write a detailed piece of long tutorial. People who are looking for a solution or have a buying mindset are interested in learning how to use the product. You can also go creative with your content while promoting your affiliate product.
  5. Create your content with the affiliate product as its essence. Try to come up with creative, natural and smart ways to promote and incorporate the product into your content.
  6. While creating content, try to target the problems/questions that the affiliate product can solve/answer. Then add subtle recommendations in your content to make it natural.
  7. Create a resource page that consists of most useful links. Include the affiliate recommendations for helpful products in these pages.
  8. Use content marketing to send people to the relevant and useful content where you subtly recommend them a product.
  9. Analyse your affiliate ads and eliminate the ones that are making money anymore.
  10. You can focus on increasing clicks to the products of affiliate program by setting goals in Google Analytics. Analyse regularly to track the clicks and test your tricks by checking the clicks they fetch.

3# Use Email Marketing to Promote an Affiliate Product

If you think that in the sophisticated era of social media email marketing is a bit outdated, think again. Sending emails to your contact list is the most reliable and useful promotion trick in affiliate marketing.

Email marketing impactful yet straightforward. You have to send conversational emails to your contact list. The content should easy-to-understand and in a friendly tone as if you are talking to your friend. Remember, professional and polished mails do not grab the attention of the readers.

Use of conversational and straightforward language works best in compelling the readers to read the complete email. Simple emails convey the message in an honest manner that connects with the audience. So, skip your fancy words and write a nice and plain email.

Here are some tried and tested email marketing tips to boost your affiliate marketing income:

  1. Try to control your urge to be verbose about the benefits of the products in your email. Instead, highlight the pros of the product in a very subtle manner.
  2. Avoid listing down the features or writing a full-fledged sales promotion. Leave that to the company. You must only tell about the benefits and features that you liked. Readers also appreciate if you point out sure cons. Mentioning all the positives do not ensure high sales. Buyers want to buy genuine products. And by being genuine yourself, you build a loyal audience base that will trust your opinion.
  3. You must keep your pitch precise and engaging. Try to avoid excessive repetition in your email.
  4. You must try to make your recommendations more personalized by noting down results the product offered to you.
  5. Do not stuff your email with links. Generally, one in the beginning and one at the end is enough to get clicks.
  6. Use email-marketing in combination with other promotion methods such as blogging about a product, etc.

4# Tips That You Can’t afford to Miss

As we have discussed various tips to enhance your affiliate marketing income, let’s list down some tips that offer immediate results.

5# Promote Awesome Deals

Affiliate marketing performs well when you promote products with high-quality offers as it creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. Buyers get a good deal. Companies profit from higher sales. You maximize your affiliate income.

6# Create Bonus

If you want your audience to buy your affiliate product, try to create a bonus to complement it. You can offer this bonus content or item to the buyers who use your link to buy the affiliate product.

7# Pre-sell Content

You can presell the affiliate offer by telling your audience why you like the product. Apart from pre selling affiliate offer, you can use tools to presell the product. These tools include content items include free eBooks, PDFs, infographics, videos, audios, podcast, and webinars. You can send the pre sell item to your audience bridging the gap between them and the product.

8# Use Paid Advertisement

Paid online advertisement such as AdWords ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. is a proven technique to reach your targeted audience and drive traffic. All you have to do is find the right target keywords and demographics. You must also write a compelling ad to get those clicks.

Gosh, we covered a lot of practical tips!

These are some of the useful tips that will guide you through your journey of maximizing your affiliate marketing income. As the internet is continually evolving, the results produced by these tips may wary. You must experiment with various affiliate marketing tricks. You can test the effectiveness of each tactic using Google Analytics or any other analysis tool to find what works for you.

Once you have identified the tips that work best for you, combine them with social media and promotional affiliate marketing tactics for better results. Affiliate marketing is not a destination but a journey.

You must always use a combination of different strategies and should never shy away from spicing things up in your old marketing plan. Remember, you will benefit from affiliate marketing as long as you are ready to make a little effort. How did my tips work for you? Did I miss out on any trick? Do you have an affiliate marketing tip that is awesome?  Do let me know in the comments.

Author Bio: Kulwant Nagi a blogger, affiliate marketer and a well-known speaker in India. He started his blogging career in 2011 and managing more than 20 blogs on various niches right now. He teaches how to start a blog, drive traffic and make money with it in a professional way.