How to Make Money Online with Blogging


Blogging is a passion and this passion can be monetized. Did you know that several blogging experts are making thousands of dollars each month? No…! Yes, it’s true.

You can also build a good source of income through advertising, affiliate marketing and selling professionals services online.

Likewise other successful bloggers, you can also easily make money online through blogging. All you need is to have a sufficient knowledge about how to make money online.

In this page, we are going to show you how you can make money online at home with your blog. Before we proceed, we are assuming that you’ve your own blog.

So, let’s start!

Make Money Online with Advertising

15 Genuine Ways to Make Money Online with Blogging

1. Signup for Advertising Networks

Getting ads from advertising networks is a direct way to monetize your blog. To make money with your blog, you need to sign up for the following websites.

Google AdSense: It is one of the most famous advertising networks on the internet. AdSense pays very good rates to bloggers who put their ads on their blogs.

Media.Net: This is Yahoo and Bing advertisement network which allows you to display contextual ads on your blog. is a good alternative of Google AdSense. If you’re not getting approval from AdSense, you can still apply for this network to make money with your blog.

Likewise, AdSense and, there are some other networks you can also think about such as and

2. Sponsored Post Program

Blogs that receive good amount of traffic, they also publish sponsored contents in order to advertise the specific products and services online. For advertising the products and services, you can ask for compensation from the sponsors.

3. Paid Reviews

If you’ve excellent writing skills, then try to write paid reviews. It is another good source of income for bloggers.

4. Sponsored Social Contents

If you have thousands of followership on social media, try to monetize it. Share other businesses’ commodities on your social media pages and get paid for it.

5. Job Boards

Creating a job board on blog is another fantastic way to make extra money online. You can create job board for the specific niche i.e. you write about blogs and so you can create a job board where you can only display jobs which are related to blogging.

For job listings, you can ask for commission or placement fees from the employers.

6. Newsletter Advertising

Advertising through blog posts is just the one way to earn money online. If you have lots of subscribers and regularly send newsletters, you can also advertise the products and services of advertisers in your newsletters. In return, you will get paid from the advertisers.

7. Text Links

Likewise sponsored posts, some advertisers especially SEO agencies are interested in getting Text Links for the purpose of SEO and link building campaigns. Google hate this advertising technique because it adds no value to the readers.

However, you can still make money from text links advertisements. But be careful, whenever you go for this option, try to offer link to those advertisers who deal in the same niche. Don’t offer too much do-follow links just to make money online fast. If you do so, you will enjoy penalty from the Google because Google hate these techniques.

8. Video Advertising

Videos are the best way to deliver the message online. In fact, video marketing is becoming a popular technique to recommend products and services to the customers.

You can share sponsored videos on your blog, social media channels and also on YouTube Channel.

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9. Podcast Advertising

Some bloggers love to speak and don’t want to write blog posts. That’s why they start podcasts in order to guide and mentor online.

If you have good subscribers on your Podcast channel, try to advertise your advertisers’ commodities in your podcast series. You’ll be definitely getting paid for your services.

10. Arrange Competitions and Giveaways

Digital markets and advertisers usually conduct online competitions and giveaways to attract the customers. They design these programs in such a way that they can easily advertise their services and products in the giveaways programs.

If you’re hosting such programs on behalf of advertisers, get paid for your hosting services.

Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

11. Affiliate Marketing

Likewise advertisements, affiliate marketing is another best way to make real money online. Affiliate marketing is basically referring others products and services on your website. If someone purchases products or services from your affiliate links then you will get commission from the retailers.

To make money with Affiliate marketing, you will need to sign up for the best affiliate programs. After signing up, you will get specific URL which you will need to promote on your blog as well as on social media channels.

If someone opens that link and make purchases. You will get commissions.  There are several affiliate marketing programs you can find on the internet, which are run by eCommerce websites such as shopping sites.

These days, GearBest is becoming the best shopping site on the internet. You can also join their affiliate program to earn commissions.

Here is the link: Join GearBest Affiliate Marketing Program for Bloggers

Other Channels of Income Streams

Apart from the above mentioned ways, here are some more genuine ways through which you can earn money.

12. Conducting Events

If you are expert in your field, try to conduct events in which you can teach others. Like-minded people will definitely join your events and pay you event fees in advance.

13. Sell your E-Books and Premium Contents

Do you have premium contents or E-Books in which you have disclosed your secret and very helpful techniques? Sell your stuff for money.

14. Become a Coach / Mentor

You can also become an online coach. No matter where your students live. You can teach your students through your exclusive blog posts or through video sessions. To earn money, you can charge on weekly, fortnight or even monthly basis.

15. Sell your Services

Selling services on blogs is also good way to get money. You can also sell your different services online such as freelancing, training, speaking, consulting, copy-writing and designing services.

These are the different genuine ways through you which you can make money online with your blog. If you are new blogger, then try to follow these monetization techniques. Hope you will establish your stable income stream soon.

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