The List of 28 Best Startup Incubators in Pakistan


The craze of Entrepreneurship is getting famous globally in these days. Entrepreneurial activities are on the horizons and it is becoming a famous profession for modern generations. Likewise developed nations, the trend of small businesses are also popping up quickly in developing countries. These startup trends can also be seen in Pakistan because numbers of Pakistani graduates are accomplishing their studies every year. In order to improve their living standards, they are adopting entrepreneurship as a permanent profession. Now, they are not afraid of business risks and uncertainties because majority of Pakistani youth are inspired from successful entrepreneurs. New dreams and hopes are encouraging them to launch their startups. According to Dawn report, numbers of Pakistani Startups are changing the way of Pakistan live.

On the other hand, young Pakistani entrepreneurs are also facing huge difficulties in order to properly launch their startups in Pakistan. Proper guidance, entrepreneurial skills and business funding are the major issues for them. To become successful entrepreneur in Pakistan, they obviously need right tools and proper guidance to enjoy the Startup success. In order to increase and strengthen the startup trends in Pakistan, numbers of best startup incubators are mentoring the Pakistani young entrepreneurs.

The role of startup incubators in Pakistan cannot be ignored at all because they’ve already provided their platforms to several entrepreneurs to come true their startup dreams.  If you have innovative ideas and keen desire to launch a startup business in Pakistan but still reluctant due to proper platform and guidance then no need to worry at all. Numbers of best startup incubators have already helped the Pakistani entrepreneurs that have innovative ideas like you. Let’s explore the list of best startup incubators in Pakistan that can help you to fulfill your dreams.

28 Best Startup Incubators in Pakistan

Best Startup Incubators in Pakistan
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1). Plan9

With the supervision and great assistance of Government of Punjab, PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) has recently started a project “Plan9″ to assist Pakistani entrepreneurs especially in the field of technology. Now, it has become a best startup incubator in Lahore that works directly under the supervision of PITB. Plan9 is headquartered in Lahore and provides services related to mentoring, consultancy and office spaces to newbie startups. It works as intermediate party and does not provide any direct funding to its startups. Incubator helps the startups to make contract with external parties to finance their business. It doesn’t take any commission or percentage in Startup equity. No doubt Plan9 is a new in this field but it is the largest governmental pool of startup incubators and has several success stories i.e. Capital Stake, Magison, Club internet and Mavenzo.

2). Invest to Innovate i2i

I2I (Invest to Innovate) is a Pakistani investment firm that accelerates Startups in Pakistan. The duration of incubation in i2i is four months and after the incubation period, they helped the entrepreneurs to get funded through potential investors. Up till now, i2i has launched 16 startups so far including Dheero Bolo, Meri Taleem and Savaree. The main advantage of choosing i2i is that they provide excellent opportunities to youngsters in order to grow up in the Business World.


NUST is a leading semi-government technology university in Pakistan. In order to promote the tech-startup culture in Pakistan, they have also started their TIC (Technology Incubation Centre). It is one of the best startup incubators in Pakistan. TIC supports and promotes the Technology ideas and help the Entrepreneurs to turn these ideas into reality. Likewise Plan9 and other startup incubators, they also provide numbers of startup incubation services including office space to startups.

4). Nest I/O

Nest I/O is a P@SHA’s startup technology incubator which has recently inaugurated in Pakistan. This incubator is working efficiently under the supervision of P@SHA’s global partners Google for Entrepreneurs and it is financially assisted by US State Department. Nest I/O is also considered the best Startup Incubators in Pakistan because it provides its startup incubation services to more than 50 teams and after successful launch of startup business they have the capacity to provide office space to 700 hundred entrepreneurs for one year.

5) . LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship

Under the great supervision of Khuram Zafar (Executive Director), LCE is aiming to maximize the trend of startup culture in Pakistan. In order to accomplish this goal, they are building entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan that will boost the potential growth of Pakistani Entrepreneurs. LCE has got high attention in Entrepreneurs due to its strong network of potential investors and mentors.

Due to increase in entrepreneurial opportunities, startup culture is getting popular in Pakistan. In order to make Pakistan a “Silicon Valley”, numbers of other startup incubators in Pakistan are also providing their mentoring services to Entrepreneurs. Here is the list of other startup incubators in Pakistan is as follow:


7). Cloud 9 Startups

8). Plan X

9). DYL Ventures

10). Dotzero

11). Business Incubation Centre University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

12). CED IBA

13). COMSATS Incubation Centre

14). Basecamp

15). KPK Incubation Centre

16). Jumpstart Pakistan

17). Business Incubation Centre University of Agriculture

18). Mini Ventures

19). Peracha Organization

20). MIT Enterprise of Pakistan

21). The Centre for Entrepreneurs Leadership and Incubation, IBA, Sukkar

22). Seed Incubation Centre

23). Venexel

24). Cyan Capital

25). Arpatech

26). Breeze Angel Investments

27). TiE Islamabad Chapters

28). ICT RnD Fund

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