5 Amazing Changes In Traditional Advertising Strategy


Advertising field is not the same as it used to be a decade ago. Simply advertising your product is not going to help you! You need to focus more on viewer’s entertainment in your ad. There are lot many things that has brought revolution into this industry. Let’s explore five most amazing changes in traditional advertising society that has turned the tables around.

5 Amazing Changes in Traditional Advertising Strategy

5 Amazing Changes In Traditional Advertising Strategy
Traditional Advertising Strategy | Pixabay

1. Focus on user’s emotions

The game is all about touching hearts of your viewers. When you get connected with your viewer, emotionally, it becomes easy to convince them to purchase your products or services. It was next to impossible to know the mood of your viewer a decade ago, but now with the advancement of technology, it is very well possible!

One such example was recently observed in London. An advertising giant M&C Satchi developed the technology that will recognize the viewer’s mood and will display ads on the billboards, accordingly.

2. Penetration of digital media techniques in traditional media

The usage of Internet is growing day by day. People are now addicted to the Internet and soon it will become one of the necessities to survive ;). Fusion of digital media and modern media can bring out some awesome results. This new formula is utilized into the real life example by an advertising giant Gainbuzz.

Traditional Advertising Vs New Advertising Strategy

Gainbuzz is an online media buying platforms where the hoarding advertisement sellers and buyers are connected. You can find a pool of service providers and can select the best one in your favorite area. Gainbuzz not only connects the buyers and the sellers but they take care that the contract is catered well at both the ends.

3. Entertainment and Glamour in advertisements

These days, it is difficult to see an advertisement which does not feature attractive and good looking models. The major intention here is to get the attraction of the viewers and hammer them to remember you for a longer period of time. The best way to make them trust your advertisement is to have celebrities in your ads. When your viewer feels that this product is recommended by their super hero, they will purchase it at the first go!

Moreover, these days no one has time to watch your ad if it is not interesting. You need to entertain them to the fullest. You might have just a single minute to express your views and your products but in that time, it is important that you entertain them. Here, is an example of one of the finest entertaining and emotionally touching ads.

4. Play contests

While advertising your products, playing contests is one of the finest ways to indulge your potential customers to your ad campaign. Once you start a contest, people will be excited to participate and win gifts. Once, a user wins gift it will benefit you with the mouth to mouth publicity and thus it will increase the number of followers.

5. Creativity

Creativity is king! If you or your team is creative enough to generate most out of what you have, you are done!

You can easily create traditional advertisements that can engage people more and you can touch them emotionally. The major benefit of extreme creativity is that people will remember you for a longer period. This was not seen a decade ago, where people used to put simple content in ads. Now, the time has changed and so have your potential customers!

This way the traditional advertising society has changed from what it was a decade ago. Adopting these changes in your ad campaigns is not a luxury but a necessity!

Guest Post By Sam Makad