11 Great Ways You Can Use WordPress


WordPress is a CMS (Content Management Software) used by the majority of people who decide to set up their own website or blog. With some light knowledge of CMS and editing WordPress, you can design a great looking site that can serve whatever purpose you need.  Creating a Website by using WordPress is really easy now because WordPress is user-friendly, flexible, and highly customizable. Here are a few excellent ways you can use WordPress.

Make Websites – Using WordPress

1). Business Website

Business owners know the importance of having a website for online representing of their companies. Web developers use the WordPress platform to create web pages for large and small companies. Once the website is up and running, employees can write and publish content even without any knowledge in HTML coding and web creation.

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2). Personal Blog

WordPress is among the best platforms bloggers use to set up and run their blogs. It is easy to set it up and maintain the blog later. Once you start your blog with WordPress, you can move it anywhere you want, change domain name, and even move the site to another CMS.

3). Online Magazine

Nowadays, there are more magazines online that in the real world. Once you start an online magazine, there is no need to print it on paper. Some online magazines have shown substantial growth and huge number of readers.

4). eCommerce Store

Large numbers of eCommerce sites are built on the WordPress platform. It is fairly cheap, easy to add new products and to set it up. Just choose a well-designed WordPress eCommerce theme and start selling your stuff in a matter of hours.

5). Membership Site

If you have your products or videos uploaded to your WordPress site, and want your products to be in safe, but do not want to create a separate web page for your members. Create a subscription plan, connect to WordPress and protect content, and link up with a credit card processor or other online payment system of your choice.

6). Online Ticketing System

With the right plugins, you can easily create a WordPress event ticketing system, and having a ticketing system that is accessible 24/7 will do nothing else but increase the revenue from online sales. Ticketing sites are quite popular, because people can make a selection of their interests (music concerts/sporting events/stand-up comedy), check out the upcoming events and buy tickets instantly.

7). Portfolio

Designers, photographers, writers, and people who do other types of creative work need to have an online portfolio. Instead of getting into trouble with HTML or expensive web designing, make yourself a beautiful and neat WordPress portfolio site, by using its themes for portfolio.

8). Review Site

Writing reviews about products and items has become widespread as a way for making some additional income. In order to publish your reviews and get paid, you need a site which can be built using WordPress. Simply choose a suitable WordPress theme, and start publishing detailed tips and overview about specific products. Good reviewers are sought by big companies that are willing to pay big money for advertising, especially if you grow a fair number of regular followers.

9). Resume Site

A LinkedIn account, blog and Twitter profile are not enough for somebody. If you feel that you need something more unique, creating a CV / Resume site by using WordPress is an easy and clean way for establishing a unique site about you and your professional skills and experiences.

10). Sales Page

WordPress is widely used by internet marketers for making landing pages for their products, which has an aim to build high-end sales. They use it because it is flexible and faster to set up than an HTML page.

11). News site

This is a great idea, but only if you know how to drive traffic, because there are thousands of news sites without an audience. One can start a news site with WordPress, work to gain a considerable number of followers, and keep them coming back.

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By simply investing some time to create and learn to manage a WordPress site, anybody can have a unique spot on the web which can be used according to one’s needs.