5 Reasons to Have Custom Hold Music on Your Work Phone


When it comes to formulating new business relationships and getting your team together to make decisions about your future, conference calls are an essential tool.

While the features of your conference call, such as recording and adding multiple lines are important, what happens when the other party goes on hold is an area you should be concerned with. Your bad hold music or lack thereof can be creating unwanted irritation.

What Is Custom Hold Music?

When you’re on the phone and want to put the other person on hold, custom hold music can be a great way to keep them happy until you get back to them.

Traditionally, hold music was tuned into a local radio station. However, now there are custom options that can allow you to choose what you want to play.

With unique hold music, you can upload any songs that you would like to play. You can even include pre-recorded personalized messages in your hold music. The best part is that it’s completely customizable, so you can set up any combination of music and messages that you would like other callers to hear.

Many businesses will take the opportunity to include customized messages about the business throughout the hold music that plays. These messages can be about specials that are going on at the business or news about how you’re helping the local community. When callers are on hold, it’s the perfect time to inform them about your business.

5 Top Reasons To Have Custom Hold Music

Custom Hold Music

Now, you should have a clear idea of what custom hold music is. If you don’t currently have this on your work phone, it’s a great idea to start. Here are some reasons that may just convince you to take action and get your very own unique hold music today.

1. It Lets Customers Know They’re Still Connected

Unlike in the early 1900s, people don’t expect silence when they’re placed on hold. As many businesses have adopted some form of hold music, callers just expect there to be some sort of noise when they’re placed on hold.

By adding hold music to your business line, you can assure clients that they’re still connected to your phone.

2. It Makes The Wait Time Feel Shorter

There are tons of studies out there on the concept of dead air hold times versus hold music times. Those who are stuck listening to dead air tend to hang up the phone within a minute or less.

Those who are on hold, tend to stay on the line. When your customers have nothing to listen to, it can seem like they’re waiting for hours when it’s only been a few seconds. When they have something interesting to listen to, the wait feels shorter than it actually was.

3. Fewer Callers Drop Off With Custom Music And Messages

If you really want to ensure that you don’t lose any customers to your holding, then you need to employ a combination of music and messages. This alternation between the two allows for the caller to stay interested while waiting on hold.

When it’s just hold music, customers can tend to zone out. But, when you throw in some custom messages in between the music, it grabs their attention back to the phone call.

4. Great Opportunity To Advertise Deals

When it comes to waiting on hold, it creates the perfect time to advertise to your clients. You can throw in some custom hold messages informing them of various discounts and deals that are going on at your business.

Since they’re already obviously interested in your business because they called you, it creates the perfect situation to get them to interact more with your products and services.

5. A Great Way To Alter Caller Mood

It’s no secret that music can affect our mood. By playing upbeat hold music, you can help to enhance the mood of your callers. This can be exceedingly helpful when dealing with unhappy situations with your customers.

Custom hold music is a great way to ensure that your clients stay interested while they’re on hold with your business. It will ensure that you don’t unintentionally lose clients while your team is working on a solution.

Author: Jessica Davison