How E-Learning Will Shape the Future of Education


Until recently the concept of e-learning was alien to the growing masses. But with the advent of latest technology and hi-tech gadgets, the e-learning revolution began.

It took over almost all the fields of learning, teaching, research altogether. What was inconceivable a few decades back is now a reality and is now very much a part of our daily lives.

Imparting or receiving education through any communication medium like the mobile, the internet, the computer is as normal nowadays as was a classroom lecture a few years back.

E-Learning: The Future of education

How E-Learning Will Shape the Future of Education

1. Multidimensional Platform

It may not be wrong to call e-learning a thing of the future. With its wide audience not only has it become a popular educative medium but is also proving to be an epitome of knowledge and entertainment.

The new generation of educators has resorted to this platform as an opportunity to help the common man. The education field is witnessing a whole new dimension.

2. Economic

Contrary to a conventional degree, which was to be received from formal college scores of international universities and colleges are opting for online courses to benefit students globally.

The concept of distance education is growing worldwide. This seemingly new learning method is benefiting people from developing and developed nations alike.

3. Easy accessibility

The interaction of various arts and art forms is also shrinking the hitherto void in the different cultures of the world. Leaving aside the curricular subjects, e-learning platform is leaving no stone unturned to benefit people who share a passion for various arts.

A person can polish his skills just by clicking on a web portal. You name it and the internet learning sites have it. Be it a classical dance form or an international piano lesson. This easy accessibility and full-time availability are paving the way for making e-learning a sure stay for our future world.

4. Reliability

The rising trend these days as has been seen in to primarily consult an online portal for each and everything. Various professionals like doctors, engineers and designers are the beneficiaries of this global boon.

Many medical wonders have been achieved with highly qualified doctors assisting small level health centres to perform medical operations.

Research papers on any subject can be easily accessed from physics to bio-science. The world has definitely become a small global village.

A discovery or development in one part of the globe is minutes away in paving its way to change the lives of people thousands of miles away in another corner.

5. Worldwide acceptance

Some of the most prestigious national and international exams are conducted online thus saving the students time of travel.

This vast ocean of knowledge is not limited to any particular field, this diversity makes it a favorite amongst all the age groups.

6. Time management

An online learner can take practicality any time for learning. He is not time bound for his class and can easily suit his needs.

People with jobs find this extremely compatible with this work schedule and hence both things are done accordingly.

7. Global audience

A person can be of any age or from any part of the world and still become an e-learning enthusiast because of the barrier of language, time, and distance provide no hindrances.

Validly certified online courses like interior designing, automation, programming are helping students who cannot afford a hefty sum for college degrees.

8. Gamification

Learning through playful means such as gaming has become a common and educative medium for imparting online education. This method is quite popular for parents with toddlers.

Studies have shown that video interactive learning leads to developed hand and eye coordination. Many and many forums are coming forward to provide education through playful means.

9. Wearable technology

The learner interacts with people in multi-dynamic ways. A wearable device like the Apple watch is a real-time gadget making us highly popular. More than a dozen function is on the fingertips just by a single installation.

10. Frequent innovation

With the technical boom taking over the world, new and improved applications and technological innovation are flooding the global market on a regular basis. This helps to improve the faulty predecessors or replace them altogether with new more user-friendly platforms.

Nowadays a mere mobile phone can support an unlimited number of educative applications with a precision that was previously impossible.

11. Global market

The online learning industry is fast becoming one of the leading business. In the Global Shapers Survey, close to half (47.79%) of respondents said they would be willing to pursue certification for certain skills, including online certification, once they have started their working careers.

This again speaks to the large potential and market for online education. This impressive statistics makes it a sure stay in the future. With both the employer and the audiences happy, it definitely paves a way for a secure future.

12. Micro-learning

It focuses on the design of multi-learning activities. These activities can be incorporated in a learner’s daily routine.

Micro-learning is an important paradigm shift that avoids the need to have separate learning sessions since the learning process is embedded in the daily routine of the end-user.

It is also perfectly suited for mobile devices where long courses can be overkill.

13. Customization

Learning Management System(LMS) is a global term for an online learning management. A person can track his development on a need basis and can even share it with friends on social media.

The interactive interfaces provided by LMS boosts student-teacher collaboration and provides for easy registrations. These are exceedingly helpful in corporate sectors where they are employed for various services.

The virtual classroom, Easy enrollment, Interactive sessions are significant features of this system and are changing the online education scenario vividly.

So whatever the future holds in the store it definitely will be shaped by the e-learning revolution that started long ago and is now pacing at an advanced speed.

With technological inventions and developments, it further strengthen the grip of e-learning on our world and soon maybe all the traditional forms may be replaced by it for good.

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Author Bio: Rum Tan, a mastermind and the founder of Smiletutor – most Effective Way to Excel Academically and one of the major online tuition provider in Singapore. A passionate learner and loves to write and share the skill to improve the learning and improvement in the education system.