Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia 2023


After completion of study, everyone wants to get a best paying job. If you are looking for highest paying jobs in Malaysia in order to secure your future and improve living standard, then in this guide we’re going to share ten highest paying jobs in Malaysia in 2023.

Business Insider stated that engineering, computer / Information technology, and healthcare industries offer highest paid jobs. At the same time, they also mentioned that hotel / restaurant, education / training, and admin / HR related industries are offering low paying jobs.

Similarly, Michael Page published a detailed Malaysia Salary Benchmark report. In the report, they mentioned high demand jobs in Malaysia in different industries along with salary growth rates.

Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia

Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia

#1 General Managers

General Managers enjoy highest paying jobs in Malaysia. For instance, General manager (commercial) in healthcare and life sciences organizations earn up to MYR 480K per annum. In production and manufacturing sector, the average salaries of general managers are MYR 420K per annum.

#2 CFO / Finance Director

In large organizations, the position of chief financial officer and finance director is very important. They play a critical role in financial management and corporate governance. Based on their work, they are paid lucrative salaries. Both finance director and CFOs averagely get MYR 420K per annum.

#3 Head of Compliance

It is another top paying job in Malaysia. If you want to secure best paying job in Malaysia in future, then work for this position. Head of compliance in large organizations have MYR 390K per annum.

4# Chief Risk Officer / Manager

Risk managers also pay important role in many organizations especially in insurance, banking and also investment sector. Based on their roles and tasks, they get paid high. On average basis, they earn MYR 360k per annum.

#5 Marketing and Sales Director

The jobs of marketing and sales director are also top demand jobs in Malaysia. Marketing and sales directors (commercial) also make MYR 360K per annum.

#6 IT Jobs

In IT sector, Director and head of digital departments get paid up to MYR 300K per annum. IT sector is growing in Malaysia. So, it is expected that it will open several new job opportunities in the future.

#7 Engineering Jobs

Engineering jobs are also high paying. The salaries of engineering director, quality director and director of process improvement are also high. They make average MYR 270K per annum.

#8 Head of Internal Audit

In big organizations, the head of internal audit enjoy salaries around MYR 270K annually.

#9 Financial Controller

Finance jobs also have attractive salaries. Large organizations offer MYR 240K per annum to financial controllers.

#10 Tax Specialists

The jobs of tax are also attractive and high paying. For instance, the job of tax specialist is also top paying, and organizations offer up to MYR 240K per annum.

In the report, it was also mentioned that the growth rate of salaries is 10% to 16%. So, it is expected that job in the above-mentioned sector will still high paying in 2022 and 2023.

PS: More highest paying jobs in Malaysia will be shared soon.

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