How Pakistani Immigrants Have Prospered in USA


America is full of immigrants. Pakistani people are one of those groups, and the following is going to help you understand this US minority a little better.

How Many Pakistani People are in America?

The first thing to address is how many people from Pakistan are in the United States. At the moment, it seems like there are over 500,000 U.S. residents who identify as Pakistani.

That is a big chunk of people though the census does not account for every single person; there may be a large population of immigrants who the census did not count.

There are illegal individuals and college students, just to name a few. It should be pointed out that the US is fourth place when it comes to housing Pakistani peoples. There are more Pakistani immigrants in places like England.

Why do Pakistani Immigrants Come to the US?

Pakistan Immigrants

It is said that Pakistani people are the second fastest minority group in the United States. With a rate like that, there must be a reason why many are emigrating to the United States, among some of the other countries they choose to move to.

The truth is that there are a lot of reasons the Pakistani people choose to leave their country. Some leave because the country has fallen victim to terrorist attacks.

Others leave because the country’s government is corrupt, so several people have become disillusioned. Leaving this country behind seems to be the dream for a lot of people in this country, which is why many go to places like the U.S.

The Ways This Group Prospers

The reality is that Pakistani immigrants succeed for the same reason other people succeed. For one, a number of them come to the US with the help of their families, who might have money back home. Immigrating to the US costs money, so it is not something poorer people are able to do easily.

This means some of these individuals may have a network of support in the US already. Many immigrants from this country are very adamant about education, so a chunk of the people from Pakistan end up graduating from college. These are some reasons why many from this country find success here.

What Drives Pakistani People to Success?

There is a lot that drives Pakistani immigrants to succeed. Some of them are driven by their desire to send money to Pakistan from the US. This is because a great number of immigrants from Pakistan have family in their home country who could use the help.

Another chunk of immigrants want to find success so that it is easier to ask the US government to allow more members of their family to come to this country. Of course, some immigrants are simply driven by their desire to reach the American dream like any other American here.

Examples of Successful Pakistani Individuals?

The reality is that there are a number of people from Pakistan that have had great success in the United States. There is Michael Chowdry who was the founder of Atlas Air. This man was worth over a billion dollars, thanks to that business venture.

Another big name in the United States is Fahad Azam, although most people only know him as Mr. Capone. He is actually a rapper who most people mistake for Chicano or Mexican-American because most of the music he produces is geared towards the Chicano community.

Kumail Nanjiani is a famous and quite influential comedian and actor who has been making waves in the United States. He starred in a movie called the Big Sick, which was well received and critically acclaimed. He has also been a part of other big movies, like Stuber and many other projects.

Faiz Shakir is an important name right now in politics. He is the political adviser and campaign manager for a major presidential run. Shakir is working for Senator Bernie Sanders who hopes to become the President of the United States.

These are some of the examples of Pakistani people who have seen a lot of success in their lives. People from Pakistan prosper in the United States because they hold on to their beliefs that if you work hard in this country, then you have a real shot at becoming successful.

Sure, there are a number of people from Pakistan who probably have not made it; some may still be working hard to see the light, but the perseverance in many of these immigrants helps them continue the pursuit of happiness.

Author: Cathy Carter