50% Biz Website Conversions Failed in Lead Generation – Why?


What’s the key to lead generation? Well, the first step is being able to pinpoint your lead sources to get to the core of how effective your efforts have been. That should be always be at the forefront because getting too wrapped up in the total number of conversions instead of what those conversions actually are, can take you down a road of overstated campaign results. According to the “The Importance Lead Validation” study, on average, 50 percent of a company’s website conversions are not sales leads.

Those non-sales conversions can range from a simple phone misdial to forms that are missing contact information. Combing those conversions with actual sales leads can result in investments that are yielding little or no ROI. A process that will prevent that and help you properly dissect your campaign efforts is called lead validation. That process involves separating sales conversions from non-sales conversion. With that data you will have the marketing source for every sales lead and the accurate cost per lead at your fingertips to help grow your campaign at a faster rate.

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Importance of Lead Generation 

For the visit attribution for conversion and more valuable lead validation information, check out the presentation below:

The importance of lead validation by professional SEO services company, Straight North.

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