6 Unexpected Ways to Improve Your Blog Image


Running a blog gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with the global audience. It’s an easy way to present yourself or your company as an industry leader, attracting more followers along the way. A survey even proved that featuring a blog as a key part of your website can increase search engine ranking by more than 400%.

Although it sounds simple, it demands hard work and absolute dedication. Creating a successful blog is not an easy task but it has beneficial consequences in the long run. There are a lot of conventional ways to improve the blog image and in this article we will pay attention to some often neglected methods.

How to Strengthen Blog Image in 6 Simple Steps

6 Unexpected Ways to Improve Your Blog Image

Digital marketing experts at RushMyEssay.co.uk recently said a blog is nothing more than the set of various elements that you need to combine properly in order to boost its image and authority.

Some of these elements are recognized as important but most bloggers are not really aware of all factors which contribute to blog image. Let’s see 6 unexpected ways that can give your blog a boost.

1. Headlines always make the breakthrough…

As a writer, you probably think that a headline is nothing more than the introduction to the content of your post. But the truth is that headlines are usually that one element which grabs the attention of all readers. Therefore, you need to make it sound appealing, interesting, or even shocking.

Of course, the content has to justify the headline but you certainly don’t want to chase away your audience before they even start reading the post. If you are short on headline ideas, we suggest you use a tool like the Headline Analyzer to help you find the best solution.

2. But the content is no less important

High-quality content plays the key role in the long-term sustainability of your blog. For this reason, you need to conduct a thorough research prior to writing new posts and offer fresh perspectives on the old topics.

Always try to support your claims using research data, tables, or academic sources. Additionally, you shouldn’t neglect images because articles with photos get over 90% more views. Great quality is the only thing that can guarantee blog success and you should build your entire image around it.

3. Mind the structure and design

High-quality posts are usually well-structured and easy to skim and scan. If you design articles carefully, readers will be able to understand the whole idea after only a few short glimpses.

You can use lists, numbers, or bulletins to make the content more transparent. Keep the sentences brief and simple, allowing your readers to follow the story smoothly. Avoid adding too many links to the blog page and always remove auto-play content from your posts – such features drive people crazy.

4. Utilize social media

Blogs represent a special format of digital content but it doesn’t stop you from doing some cross-channel promotion. On the contrary, you should utilize social media to strengthen the image of your blog and reach much wider audiences than usual.

The biggest content management systems – WordPress included – offer you plugins like social share buttons to help you establish connections between blog posts and your social network accounts, which is the easiest way to make your audience active and engaged. And if you are lucky enough, your posts could even go viral sometimes.

5. Invite guest bloggers and KOLs

Networking is what most bloggers do these days – they participate in online discussions, make comments about industry-related topics, attend webinars, and establish new friendships down the road. Doing so, they make valuable contacts that could become genuine image boosters.

Namely, you can invite guest bloggers occasionally to write a post for your website or arrange an interview with key opinion leaders in your niche.

This is a great method to freshen up your blog and perhaps even deserve the attention of readers who weren’t familiar with your writing before.

6. Reveal your personality

Let your character flourish and be honest – this is the secret ingredient of all successful business blogs. Even though your followers are thrilled to see high-quality posts and beautiful design, the only way to keep them interested over a longer period of time is to reveal your personality and add some spice to your writing.

Don’t think of them as your audience. Instead, approach readers as your friends and write in a conversational tone. Proving your professionalism and analytical skills is completely fine but you must also present a human side of the story to build a long-term relationship with the followers.


A successful blog can give drastically improvement of your position within the industry and skyrocket the business in the long run. However, you have to work very hard to build blog image and credibility. There are many well-known ways to do this but we decided to present you 6 steps that most bloggers neglect in their work. Keep these tips in mind and let us know in comments if you have other valuable suggestions to share with our readers.