How to Increase Flipboard Followers


Today, Flipboard is considered as the leader personal magazine mobile format app that is used by millions of android users. It allows the users to create their personal online magazines and flip their favorite stories into their Flipboard magazines. Last year, Mike McCue (Flipboard’s CEO) revealed that his E-Magazine app has got 70 Million active users in 2015. For me, it’s a very big target market in order to reach online news seekers and even customers. Hundreds of thousand bloggers and publishers are now using Flipboard to get huge traffic to their blogs. Websites like Entrepreneur and even Forbes are also using this platform to reach millions of Flipboard users. Due to this trend, now new publishers and bloggers are also creating their Flipboard accounts in order to increase Flipboard followers and maximize their blog traffic.

But initially majority of them often ask the same question that how to increase Flipboard followers in order to get good amount of traffic toward their blogs and websites.

Well, getting Flipboard followers is not an easy thing. It needs your full attention and regular hard work to increase your Flipboard followers. You need to stay active and update your Flipboard magazines with fresh content on regular basis. In order to increase your Flipboard followers, here are some helpful tips for you.

4 Easy Tips to Increase Flipboard Followers

1. Create Magazines with Attractive Names

No matter, if you have a blog or not. All you need to setup your Flipboard account and create Flipboard magazines. After this, you need to follow some good topics on Flipboard that influence you. When you’re done with topic following procedure, then you will see several news and posts in your Flipboard dashboard. You just need to flip the latest news and posts in your relevant magazines. When you will have good articles and interesting stuff in your magazines, other users will explore your magazines, read it and start following your magazines.

2. Like and Share other Flips on Social Media

Likewise Facebook and Twitter, Flipboard app also has a popup notification function. Whenever someone likes and shares the flip of other’s magazines, owner receives the “notification”.

Liking and sharing flips can increase your social attachment with other Flipboard users and magazine owners. If you have already created your magazines then you should like and share other flips on social media. In this way, you can increase your Flipboard followers easily.

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3. Increase Flipboard Followers by Following other Users

Believe it or not, when you will start following other Flipboard users then they will start following back your account. In this way, you can easily increase your flipboard followers.

When I created the Flipboard fincyte account, only 30 users were following the Flipboard account. But when I started to follow other users, fincyte received up to 700 followers within just couple of hours.

4. Create a Widget to Increase Flipboard Followers

If you have a blog and receiving a good amount of traffic then you can increase your Flipboard followers by placing a Flipboard widget on your blog.

Whenever people will visit your website, they will see that widget and will start following your Flipboard magazines.