Online Mass Marketing Fraud


What actually Mass Marketing Fraud is?

Basically the term of “Mass Marketing Fraud” is supposed to be referring to any of the kind of scheme of a fraud in which there is used one or may be more number of techniques related to the communication of mass and other technologies. The technologies include Internet, e-mailing, mobile and telephones, etc. This is meant for presenting the solicitations that are considered to be fraudulent to the number of victims for conducting the transactions that are also fraudulent with the victims, or for transmitting the fraud’s proceedings to the institutes related to finance.

More about the fraud related to mass marketing:

Or a broader scale, the schemes of fraud related to mass marketing is basically divided into two categories. The first one is related to the schemes that are supposed to be targeting those victims which are larger in number for smaller losses per each of the victim in comparison to the other; it can range from small number to some of the hundreds of dollars. The second one is related to the schemes that are supposed to be targeting those victims which are large in amount per the losses of each of the victims; it can range from thousands of dollars to millions and depends on the nature’s scheme.

The enforcement of law and the protection of consumers’ authorities are sometimes supposed to be classifying the specific schemes of fraud by the mechanism of communication that is to be used, like fraud related to inter-net, fraud related to mails, fraud related to telemarketing, etc. Simultaneously, they also identify that the schemes of fraud related to mass-marketing are often times supposed to be using multiple techniques for communications for maximizing the outreaches to the victims that are prospective. For instance, a scheme of fraud related to an advance-fee has possibilities to start by making use of higher volumes of spam for making the contact initially with the victims that have potential; however, afterwards encourage the recipients who show an interest for calling a specific number of telephones for more information related to that. Later on, the materials for mail that are considered to be integral for mass marketing fraud.

Major kinds of Fraud related to mass marketing:

Basically the fraud related to mass-marketing is supposed to be falling in three major categories that base on the information from the enforcement of law and the authorities related to the regulation. The categories are the schemes of fraud for advance fee, the schemes for the accounts of banking and finance and the opportunities for investment.

The schemes related to the fraud for advance fee is such a category of mass marketing fraud which is supposed to be based on such a concept that one of the victims will considered to be promised a benefit that is substantial, like a prize of one million dollars or so. There can also be other types of prizes like winning schemes from lottery and a lot more. There can be further more categories in this type of fraud.