5 Top Online Mobile Recharge Sites in India For 2016-17


Recharging multiple numbers with just one sim is quite a unique facility. In this you can recharge number of mobile phones using single sim and you can make internet connection also. Sometimes maintaining a number of sim becomes necessary but when we have to recharge it, we face numerous problems. So as to avoid all such situations, software has been developed through which recharge sim of multiple connections. Don’t you feel it a loss paying lots of bills and recharges? You should go for best online mobile recharge sites in India which are very simple and easy to access. Through this you can save lots of money in your billing and recharging. All recharge by single sim is gaining popularity day by day.

This internet era not only shares information but also provides many online services like shopping, reservation and online mobile bills. Listed below are some online mobile recharge sites in India:

5 Best Online Mobile Recharge Sites in India

5 Top Online Mobile Recharge Sites in India
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1). Paytm recharge

We all know about Paytm, it is one of the leading online mobile recharge sites in India. Everyone is aware that you can recharge prepaid mobile numbers, can pay landline bills and book the bus ticket through this sight could be done easily and quickly. Apart from this you can also avail certain exclusive coupons and discount from these sites. You will not get such offers when you recharge offline. Multi sim recharge has its own craze in the market.

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2). MobiKwick

It is also a good option when it comes to recharging your mobile phones online. It is quite fast and hassle free. Through this you could recharge mobile, television, bill of landline, data card, and electricity. You can even create MobiKwick wallet for instant recharges. Wallet could be recharged through various ways like debit card, credit card or internet banking. Its app is available for Android and Windows. One Sim Multi Recharge is a great facility available these days.

3). Freecharge

Freecharge is getting popular these days and gives lots of offers to the users. It claims to be fastest and easiest way of recharging. It is one stop online recharge bill and payment destination. With every time you recharge you get coupons of Snapdeal, Yatra.com and Dominos etc.

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4). Sara recharge

It is a very advanced and one of the best online mobile recharging sites in India. Through this site you could recharge your mobile, DTH, Data cards; landline and you can even pay your gas and electricity bills. It is quite a reliable site which provides easy recharge facilities and many more. You could access this site anytime.

5). Rechargeitnow

It claims to be the number one recharge site for mobile. Since 2012, it is giving complete user satisfaction. Here you can recharge for any mobile network. Through its mobile app you can recharge it instantly. Multi recharge sim is gaining its popularity day by day.

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