PMP Statistics and How it Impacts on Your Salary?


PMP is an internationally recognized certification in IT and other industries. Every industry has vacancies for PMPs.

PMP course instills competence to perform as a project manager directing the projects and teams. This professional course is offered by a recognized institution PMI which is a premier body for project management professionals internationally. It is a non-profit association dedicated to project managers and program managers.

Total Number of PMP’s in 2019

Can you actually imagine the number of PMP professionals around the world?  You would be amazed to find out that there are about one million PMP professionals internationally.

A survey in March 2018 shows that there are 833,025 PMP certified managers in the world and the US is on the top to have the most number of PMP certified managers. However, it is not open to show the exact number of professionals in each country. Some data indicate that:

1# US holds +49% of PMP Professionals

2# China holds 18% of PMP Professionals

3# Canada holds 7% of PMP Professionals

4# India holds 5% of PMP Professionals

5# Japan holds 5% of PMP Professionals.

Salary of PMP’s

With the growing demand for certified PMP’s question that generally arises in our minds is what is our ROI. (Return on Investment) As you have invested your time, energy and of course money in this whole process so there is no need to worry as PMP managers earn a really handsome salary.

Salary Difference between Certified and Non-Certified PMPs

The difference between the salary of a certified PMP and non-certified PMP is quite high. In the USA a PMP certified project manager earns $111,000 as compared to non-PMP who earns $91000 per annum.

PMP salary is $130,000 per year in Switzerland and it is the same in Australia and the UK. In South Africa, a PMP project manager earns 47% more than a non-PMP. This information is collected from the 9th edition of ‘Earning Power’- a salary survey by PMI.

Non-Certified PMP’s have a golden chance of getting the desired salary by becoming certified. Get yourself trained from in PMP® Certification from Knowledgehut which is providing international standard training for a very reasonable fee. By getting this training and doing practical work will ease the way of getting certified.

Ways to get a High Salary

A $100,000 a year salary is not impossible to achieve if you take into consideration the exact factors and opportunities. It would definitely take lots of hard work to achieve the title of a successful project manager. Let’s see how you can pave way for a high salary.

1# Define your career goals

Explain your particular goals about the profession you want to choose for your career. Your career goals should be clear and precise and you should set them within the time frame.

2# Prepare yourself

You should prepare yourself in the best way to achieve your high goals. You should learn to develop your skills which is possible through proper education and training.

3# Expect High

When you set your goals and prepare a plan for achieving it, keep your aspirations high.  If you promise yourself to achieve a particular designation or a specific position in an organization, then keep your expectations high.

Remember there are no shortcuts to high positions. The only way to success is by proper planning and hard work. You should develop adaptability, resilience, and persistence in your personality.

4# Education

Education is the most important. Take an Associate Degree, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Data show that project managers with formal university or college education receive high salaries as compared to other jobs in the US.

5# Work experience

 It is also a plus for higher salaries. It gives you relevant competence, skills, and expertise.

6# Proper certification

Proper certification is the must for getting a high salary in the project management field. As described earlier, a certified PMP manager earns more than a non-certified manager.

Be Certified PMP

Now after getting equipped with all arms of PMP like education, experience, and certification, you are ready to move forward. Prepare yourself for the exam.

Exam duration is 4 hours and you have to correct 137 questions out of 200 to get passed. A number of institutes and online programs are offering PMP certification but PMI is considered to be the best institute for getting the recognized certification

Top Paying Project Management Programs for 2019

No matter what is your designation in an organization, a certification can boost your value. Let’s discover the top certifications, their criteria, and cost for a project manager.

1# PMP: (Project Management Professional)

Cost: They offer computer-based exams $450 fee for PMI members and $555 for non-members

Eligibility: A four-year secondary degree plus three years of project management experience

2# CAPM: (Certified Associate in Project Management)

Cost: $225 for PMI members and $300 for non-PMI members

Eligibility: A high school diploma, associate degree and 1500 hours experience is required

3# CSM:  (Certified Scrum Master)

Cost it is approximately $995 to $1,395

Eligibility:  General knowledge of scrum

4# CompTIA Project+ certification

Cost: $285

Eligibility: One year of experience in Management in small projects.

5# Prince2 Foundation/Prince2 Practitioner

Cost Foundation $200 and for Practitioner $300

Eligibility: A PMP, CAPM or IPMA certification

6# MPM: (Master Project Manager)

Cost: $300 for applying, processing, and certification

Eligibility: A three year of project management experience required

Always in Demand

PMP managers are always in demand in almost every industry or organization. They are trusted for their excellence and professionalism. PMI expects over 22 million new jobs for project managers by 2027.

They are in high demand in IT, business services, finance, construction, etc. And for more, there is always a wide range of opportunities for advancement.  The highly experienced project managers could expect a double salary from an entry-level manager.

Enjoy the taste of lucrative salaries and incentives by becoming a certified PMP.

Author: Astha Mahajan