How to Register a Private Limited Company in Pakistan?


“ How to register company in Pakistan ” is an often asked question by several aspiring entrepreneurs.

To give you the right direction, we’ve prepared a step by step easy business registration guide, which can help you to register your business in Pakistan. If you are educated enough and have good understanding of legal matters, you can register your own small business without hiring any kind of promoter or 3rd party facilitator.

Well, luckily company registration is not a difficult task today. You’ll just need to prepare some legal company documents with respect to Companies Act, 2017 (Formally aka Companies Ordinance, 1984).

Well, we’re supposing that you’ve selected your small business idea and you’re done with business and financial planning.

Here are some basic steps and procedures of SECP, which you’ll need to follow for company registration in Pakistan.

3 Steps to Register Company in Pakistan

1. Name Reservation and Company Incorporation

The first step towards incorporation of company is to check the availability of company’s name on SECP website. You can search company name here.

Once you finalize your business name, make sure it does not fall in the list of prohibited words.  If so, Authority will reject your application. To avoid any legal objection, please refer to Section 10 of Company Act, 2017.

After that, you will need to submit separate or combined application for name reservation and company incorporation. You can submit your application both online as well as offline.

While submitting your application, you’d need to propose 3 names. The registrar will allow you a one suitable name, which you can use in the Company incorporation documents.

Documents Required for Company Formation

Here are some incorporation documents which you will need to prepare:

  • Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association
  • CNIC/NICOP copies of Directors, CEO, subscribers and nominee (for Single Member Company). Furthermore, if you are a foreigner, you will have to provide passport copy for company formation in Pakistan.
  • Since, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is the only institution which can register your business under Companies Act 2017. However, in some cases you may need to provide Letter of Intent, License or NOC, if you are going to register a specialized business. These licenses, NOC and Letter of Intent can be obtained from the relevant regulatory authorities such as SBP, PTA, OGRA, PEC and DRA etc.
  • If you are representative (subscriber) of a foreign company, you will have to attach more documents such as Company Profile, List and detail of Directors, Directors’ nationality, certified copies of company’s charter, statue or MOA and AOA.
  • Subscribers’ authorization for filing of documents
  • Company’s Registration and Filing Fee

If your startup having nominal capital less than 100K, you will only have to pay 1800 PKR (Online) and 3500 PKR (Offline) for incorporation of Company.

2. Get Incorporation Certificate

Once your business formation application approved and you paid fees (as determined by SECP), you will receive a certificate of incorporation from SECP. You can get your certificate both online as well as in physical form.

3. Start your Small Business

After receiving incorporation certificate, you can start your private limited company in Pakistan. It is important to mention here that, if you want to start public limited company. You’ll have to get Incorporation Certificate and Business Commencement Certificate from registrar to start your business operation.

Hope, this guide will greatly assist you in the company registration process in Pakistan.

If you need any kind of assistance in business registration (Private limited, Firm or Association), our business partners will professionally register your business at affordable fees. Speak to us!

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