Top 5 Richard Branson’s Advice for Young Entrepreneurs


Richard Branson is one of the successful entrepreneurs who started his entrepreneurial career in the early ages, worked hard and became a billionaire.

Sir, Richard Branson was born in 1950 in Surrey, England. He struggled hard in school but unfortunately he dropped out at the age of 16. That was the turning point for him. He started his entrepreneurial project in the music industry and expanded it from scratch to billions of dollars. Today, he is the CEO of Virgin group that holds more than 400 companies in thirty different countries. Branson is a well-known English business magnate, philanthropist, investor and a great influencer for young entrepreneurs.

He is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur, who learned numbers of business things during his career. Nowadays, he is supposed to be a great influencer for young entrepreneurs and regularly shares his best entrepreneurial ideas and tips with the young people who want to become entrepreneurs.

Recently, an article was published on the virgin site, where Richard shared his best advice for young entrepreneurs, who want to launch their successful startup businesses in the upcoming days. Here are the five best advice for the wantrepreneurs.

Top 5 Richard Branson’s Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Richard Branson's Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

1. “Do What You Love and Love What you Do”

According to Richard, he was a dull student in the school and usually gets bored while reading the books like math and science.

He was passionate about the topics like music, culture and lifestyle. He left his school and joined the student magazine, that was focused on the topics he liked the most. Due to his passion, he stayed motivated all the time and sometimes he worked day and night without taking any rest.

This is the thing that helped him to stay positive while working at a stressful workplace. Richard said that “we roughly spend most of our time at work” so it is highly important for young entrepreneurs that they should do what they love and love what they do.

 2. “Don’t Be Shy To Ask For Help”

No one is master in all things. Everyone lacks some set of skills. If you think that you are not good in some particular areas like sales, marketing, finance or SEO, then hire someone who is supposed to be an expert in his field. In this way, you can hand over your responsibilities to those experts who can work better than you.

If your budget is low and you’re not in a position to hire someone right now then you should attend local networking events on regular basis. There, you will find some people that are supposed to be an expert in their fields. Talk to them and share your startup problems. They will surely mentor you and give you helpful pieces of advice.

Talking and sharing your problems with others is not only a great way to overcome issues but also helpful for you to refocus on your work. So, don’t be shy to ask for help.

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3. “Whenever You Go Outside, Don’t Forget to Take a Notebook With You”

If you are going outside to attend events or for shopping, don’t forget to take a notebook with you. This is the best Richard Branson’s advice for young entrepreneurs.

Whenever you come up with an idea, or someone giving you helpful tips, note it down on your notebook. It will help you to become a productive person and discourages you to procrastination.

4. “Travel”

I watched numbers of Hollywood movies but movie “The Hobbit” I liked the most. In the movie, I still remembered the dialogue “World is not in the books, it is right outside the window”.

Richard also focused that travel is the best and wonderful way to learn new. things Talk and meet with new people and discover new ideas. So, travel as much as you can in order to see and discover new business trends.

5. “Start Your Business Today”

The majority of young entrepreneurs usually come up with unique and interesting business ideas at the age of 20s. They are more motivated and enthusiastic than others. They see the world with their fresh eyes and work with determination.

So, if you are in the age of 20s then don’t let others use your age as an excuse not to take you seriously. It is the most important Richard Branson advice for young entrepreneurs. Start your business today; it might be possible that you could be the next.

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