Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and its specifications


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is supposed to be like a final and the last piece that completes the puzzle of the flagship of the smart phones of Samsung. It was announced by the Samsung company in the month of August that the phone is available everywhere to be purchased even in India and other Asian countries. There are reviews available of the phone on the internet on the related sites.

The looks of the phone

The Samsung Company seems to have kicked in the department of aesthetics a notch the Samsung Note 5 seems to be borrowing many of the cues of the designs from its siblings that are supposed to be free of stylus. The looks of the phone are such that it seems like a premium and is compatible with the phone of Apple and those of HTC. There are other models of the Samsung Company that have let the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be launched. The phone gives a sturdy look but still it looks very attractive. It is not like the S6 Edge+ phone of the galaxy series whose screen is such that it seems to be curved from the sides, the Galaxy Note 5 is supposed to be having a greater subtle back with a curve. This lets the phone to look like wide enough for being gripped by the hands easily and with a greater level of comfort. Hence there are little chances for the phone to be slipped from the hand of the holder or the palm. Moreover, there are greater chances for it for reaching the buttons of power as well as the volume easily.

On the front of the phone there is a great display screen which has a size of five point seven inches. The colors of the display screen seem to be punchy and the text is visible and readable since it is sharp enough. The brightness of screen gets adjusted automatically in sunlight, darkness or according to the light in the surroundings and the screen is supposed to be legible to a great extent even when the light of the sun gets directly to the phone.

A nano sim is inserted in the phone of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and there is a nano tray for it on the side of the top. Also there is a universal serial bus port which is also in micro size. A grille of speaker is at the bottom of the phone along with the Stylus which is a special purpose pen. The way introduced by Samsung for the ejection of pen seems to be civilized to a greater extent. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes up with a data cable, a tool for the ejection of SIM, a charger, headset and some of the spare tips for the sensitive pen (stylus). The software of the phone has been designed in such a way that it competes with all the modern technology phones of the present era.