Top 5 Smart Devices For Your Automated Office


It is no secret that today’s market is filled with pieces of gadgetry and gizmos. And just like there are many smart devices for your home, there is a ton of options for your office, as well. In fact, designing an automated office has never been easier. Still, you have to know where to start, right? That’s why we have come up with 5 smart devices that absolutely every automated office needs to have. Make sure you check them all out.

5 Best Smart Devices For Automated Office

top 5 smart devices for automated offices

1. Smart Security Camera

No matter what line of business you are in, security is something you should always pay special attention to. Luckily, today, there are smart security cameras that allow you to keep an eye on your office no matter where you are. The newest cameras can record 1080p videos at 30fps over Wi-Fi. There are both indoor and outdoor versions which means you can observe both interior and exterior of your office at all times. Outdoor versions allow you to see even up to 20ft away from the lens and thus allow you to spot any trespassers as early as possible.

2. Smart On/Off Outlets

Just like you want to stay in control of who gets into your office, you will also want to stay in control of the power in it. There are new smart outlets with an on/off switch that can be controlled remotely via laptop, tablet or a smartphone. They come with companion apps that give you complete control over every single outlet inside your office. Not only this, but the apps are also designed in such a way that they allow you to control all the other smart devices connected to the outlets.

3. Smart Printers

If you want to make a next step towards a higher level of office automation, you will also need to a get smart printer. Every company does a lot of printing every single day, and being able to control your printer from every single PC and smartphone in your office can be of much help. These smart printers can be connected to Wi-Fi and allow you to print with just one click of a button. When it comes to printing speed, these devices can print around 30 double-sided pages in a minute.

4. Smart Routers

It goes without saying that being connected to the Internet all the time is an absolute must for every single business. Today, you can even get a router which reduces buffering and gets rid of any dead zones in your office. Also, using your smartphone, you can control which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi Network. Having a stable Internet connection in your office is extremely important since you have to be able to reach your website at any given moment. Moreover, in a recent conversation with database hosting professionals from Sydney it came to our attention that quality hosting is the guarantee that everything will run as it should.

5. Smart Air Quality Monitor

Bad air quality inside of your office can seriously affect your employee’s productivity which makes getting a smart air quality monitor a great idea. These new smart devices allow you to monitor the air quality in your office by measuring VOC, temperature and humidity. Smart air quality monitors work 24 hours a day and show any changes in the air quality via colored LED lights on the device. They also upload all the information to the Internet over Wi-Fi and allow you to initiate actions no matter where you are.

Make sure you get all of these 5 smart devices if you want your office to be as automated as possible. Not only that these will increase your, and your employees’ productivity, but they will also keep your office secured 24 hours a day.