How to Avoid the Common Social Media Influencer Mistakes


Social media is a powerful marketing tool using which you can increase your business clout easily, reach out millions of potential customers and generate a handsome revenue every month by selling products/services online.

A good number of entrepreneurs use social media influencer marketing to promote their businesses and gain immediate success. But, inappropriate use of different social media channels can cause a great damage to your business. Just have a look at some top common social media influencer mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Let’s begin the journey.

6 Ways to Avoid Social Media Influencer Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Social Media Influencer Mistakes

1. Not Having A Define Social Media Marketing Policy

Social media marketing policy is a set of all online marketing activities that SEO executives use to market products/services on different social media channels to reach the targeted audiences quickly and generate more leads/sales.

Unfortunately, most of the entrepreneurs don’t have a social media marketing policy based on their specific needs. As a result, social media influencer marketing remains ineffective and they don’t get the desired results.


Just review your specific business needs, leads/sales target every week/month, the requirement of new social media fans/followers every week/month, availability of resources (such as content, staff, technique, etc, ), and craft specific Social media marketing policy. It will help you to get the desired goals.

2. Treating All Social Media Channels In The Same Way

Individuals use different social media channels to promote their products and services on the web. Unfortunately, most of them treat all social media channels in the same way. So, they tend to send out the same message on different social media outlets which don’t fetch positive results sooner or later.


Always keep in mind that every social media platform is different in terms of language, customs, and audience. So, before using them, just learn how individuals communicate and share on that particular social media channel. This will help you to customize your messages as per your needs and reach out the targeted audience effectively.

3. Giving More Importance To Quantity Of Followers Instead Of Quality

There are a good number of companies that focus on getting more followers, fans or likes without considering their usability. They buy followers, stage a fake Twitter hack, and use other shortcuts to increase the number of followers anyhow. It doesn’t work in most of the cases.

Paid likes and followers hardly react to your social media posts.


You should always focus on quality rather than quantity. Just search for loyal and active social media users that are likely to read and share your content. There is no meaning of having 100,000 followers if they are not loyal to your brand.

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4. Sharing Boring Content

Unique, SEO optimized, and meaningful content is essential for performing social media activities. Most of the brands neglect the quality of the content.

The massive audience available on different social media channels loves to hear something new from renowned brands. Use of plain text content may be boring for them if they prefer image or video content.

A boring content may not fetch the desired likes, shares and comments from the targeted audience.


Just understand the content consumption habit of your targeted audience and create content accordingly. You should keep the content length at a moderate level and use eye-catching titles, sub-titles, informative charts, images, videos, etc, to make your content interesting.

All these will help you to produce quality content for social media activities and generate sufficient traffic to your site. You can also use user generated content to promote your products/services easily and quickly on different social media channels.

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5. Posting content at Inappropriate Times

Everyone loves to have the maximum social media shares, likes, and followers. It all depends on the quality of content, social media marketing strategy, and the time. Yes, timing matters a lot when you share a meaningful content on social media channels.

For example- An amazing blog post will not perform well if you share it on social media channels at 2 AM. Nobody will respond your tweets if you flash them during working hours.


As an enthusiastic social media expert, you must find out the right time to share your content. Even an average content can perform well if it is shared on different social media channels at the right time.

For example- if you remain active on Twitter during weekend days at around 5 PM, you are likely to have 14% more engagement and higher amounts of retweets than working days.

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6. Not answering user’s questions

When you handle social media channels with a great number of followers and fans, you receive instant reactions (both positive and negative) from them.

There are numerous companies that don’t reply user’s questions on social media profiles instantly. This can displease them. An unhappy visitor can spread negativity about your brand and persuade others not to get engaged with it.


People like to interact with famous brands and get their issues resolved instantly. So, you must answer all inquiries and questions raised by social media fans and followers. This will make them pleased, and they will feel associated with your brand.

You can also conduct live chats on social media channels and answer the questions of followers directly on the spot. For example- If you run a WordPress site, you can use the Live Chat Plugins to communicate with your audience and solve their problems.

Final Words:

Social media Influencer marketing has potential to take your web-based business to a new level. However, builders and silly mistakes can make all your smart works go in vain. There are some mistakes of Social media Influencer marketing that you should avoid for fetching the desired success in web-based business.

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